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Rockford Paranormal Files

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Rockford: Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Etc…

Welcome to the Rockford Scanner’s
“Rockford Paranormal Files”

Welcome to our paranormal page.
The Rockford and surrounding areas is alleged to be extremely haunted!

You probably have heard many of the local legends:
Bloods Point, Kennedy Hill, etc…

Some of you may be living in a real haunted house, or have once lived in one.
Many of you go to work everyday, to many local haunted businesses.
The Rockford and surrounding areas are reported to be eerily haunted.
A simple search below, will pop up a ton of interesting stuff!

Be sure to scroll down
And read about the local paranormal encounters:

  • Ghosts and Hauntings
  • Cryptozoology
  • UFO’s and UAP’s

If you have your own paranormal experience, we would like to share it!
Please email us with as much details as possible on what happened.

Ghosts and Hauntings 


UFO’s and UAP’s   

In 1955 the Military allegedly shoots at a UFO, Near Cherry Valley


When you read each story, to please have an open mind. 
Not everyone that has had a paranormal experience, is “crazy
There are many things that happen in our universe, that can not yet be explained.
Many alleged reports of ghosts, UFO’s and even a few reports of bigfoot in our area.

Fast Fact: Rockford Scanner does paranormal investigating.
Businesses, Private residences, Local history locations, etc.