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Rickie’s Corner

Rickie Traeger
Rickie Traeger

Rickie’s Corner

  •  RS updates,
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    This is the behind the scenes updates.

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Welcome to Rickie’s Corner! 

Welcome to my little getaway on RS.
Sorry for all the bullet points.
But each one is an important topic. 

Happy 2024

Trigger Alert: I will probably make the entire community mad.
But, this truly is the right thing to do…


I live by a few mottos religiously.
One of them: Respect is earned, Not given. 

Doing RS, I learned that I cannot change a persons opinion about me.
Regardless of how you feel, you all know that I do not lie and I tell it like it is.
Good or bad. And I like to do things, for the right reasons. Plain and simple.
And I have earned the respect of many, for my honesty and loyalty.

Due to some recent experiences and now living by this motto by  Socrates.

It is time for some positive changes.
We should come together as a community.
Be proud of what we have accomplished. Thankful for what we do have.
And be proud of what we as a community, can accomplish!

It is time to create new beginnings and move forward!

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your time to read this.
I know many of you may not agree. But, it is the right thing to do…

I want to take a few minutes and acknowledge:

Every time I have spoken up, Thomas and Carla have stepped up and made improvements.
We may not agree on a lot of things. But you both have treated me with respect, when I have interacted with you.
And I think Thomas and Carla deserve to be acknowledged and thanked, for doing the right thing. 
Thank You!

I have noticed the police call logs have over 200 traffic stops within the last 72 hours.
Rockford Call Logs: CLICK HERE

There are no active grants that I am aware of.
Which tells me, the Rockford PD are actually listening and conducting traffic stops.
My hat goes off to these officers that are out there patrolling and doing traffic stops.
Thank You!

Now, at the same time I want to also acknowledge the Rockford PD in whole.
Because the same call logs, show the calls that the Rockford PD have responded to.

1400 calls, within the last 72 hours.
1445 to be exact…
They do redact some calls, for good reasoning.
So, the ones posted in the logs are the ones they let our community know about.

The Rockford PD have conducted over 200 traffic stops.
While responding to over 1400 different incidents, within the last 72 hours.

I used to think, them sitting in the parking lots was a bad thing.
But after reading some recent logs and some Freedom of Information Act responses.

I think I may have a change in opinion.
Maybe these officers do need a break…

And that maybe, they are not the lazy jerks I thought they were.
But, I am the jerk…

According to the logs:
I noticed that the Rockford PD have stepped up their game recently.
The call logs speak for themselves. CLICK HERE

Many may not agree with what I am about to say.
But, I think credit goes to where it is due.

I owe the Rockford PD an apology.

And that I think, now realizing that things are changing for the better.
I am going to also make improvements and change for the better.

I know many of you will not believe a word I say.
Point taken…
We all know that, Actions speak louder than words.

For the most part, my recent interactions with Rockford PD have been positive.
And that in itself, is one of the main reasons for my changing of heart.

I have grown close to many people over the years.
We never forget our roots. We have our ups, we have our downs.
It is a love and hate relationship.
They love to hate me, what can I say…

On a serious note; I have gained many new relationships over the last 15 years doing Rockford Scanner.
And I will only say this: Many people feel the same way. It is just out of their control.

I recently had a heart to heart conversation with someone of importance within our community.
And that individual let me open up and speak my mind. And I let it rip.
When I say we had a heart to heart conversation.
I truly mean it. And they sat there and took it like a champ.
They listened to what I had to say.

That in itself made me gain a lot of respect…
Someone actually taking the time, and listening…

Now, I have been the victim of a crime awhile back ago.
And I called Rockford PD. And Rockford PD has done nothing but treat me with respect.

And while I have been filming them over the last 15 years,
I know many of them personally and they truly do deserve my respect.

It is time for me to change my views on things.
I may not agree with some things.
But who really gets along all the time anyways???

They truly do deserve our respect.

And I have been the jerk…

I guess I never really understood things, until recently.
And with Rockford PD helping me, in my time of need.
And them treating me with respect.
And someone actually taking time out of their schedule, and listening to me…

I truly have seen a major improvement in things.

Their moral is higher. You can see the positive changes with our officers.
Now, they wave and smile.

I am a firm believer in a good leadership and a positive role model.
And I guess, I just never realized how many people RS reached.
And that RS can be that role model. And recently, well….
We can all make these positive changes for our community.

I am all for transparency.
But I have been doing this for 15 years now.
Might be time to let someone else run the marathon…

I want to end this by saying a few things.

The Rockford PD have truly earned my respect recently.

And I feel that they should be acknowledged and thanked.
Those officers know who you are… Thank You.

And to the one person that let me open up and let er rip. I will always be thankful and grateful for that opportunity.
We both know what you could have done that day. But you took it like a champ. And I have seen positive changes since…
Thank You. 

I am a proud American. I think many forgot when 9/11 happened.
How everyone came together.
It was a time of peace, during such tragedy.

People came together as one. Everyone respected our first responders.
And I will never forget that feeling, that moment when we came together as a nation.
All came together as one… 

We were true Americans helping one another and showing our American pride.
We are all still true Americans. We should come together as one and unite.

Maybe I am grasping at the wind and hoping for dreams that may never become true again.
(Hoping we come together as a community)

But I do know this;
We came together before.
So, I know we can all do it again. 🙂

I live by a few mottos religiously.
One of them: Respect is earned, Not given. 

And I now think in my heart,
the Rockford PD have now earned that respect in my heart.

Please join me in making new changes for our community.
Doing the right thing. Making our community more positive.

If you have any information on any crimes.
Contact the Rockford PD.
These victims deserve justice.
Please step up, do the right thing.

I am doing the right thing.
You should too…

His family needs justice…
Do the right thing…
Don’t be afraid to step up and speak out.

I have to earn their respect.

They earned theirs.

Now it is my time… 

Thank you for your service.
And keeping our community safe, as much as you are able too.

True heroes, do it because it is the right thing to do…




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