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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner: RS Source Tells Us Hers Bloods Point Experience, That Might Have Caused Her Vehicle To Break Down…

Rockford Scanner: RS Source Tells Us Hers Bloods Point Experience, That Might Have Caused Her Vehicle To Break Down…

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My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided to Rockford Scanner: 

Google Map of the alleged haunted location.

RS source talks about her paranormal experiences during a visit to Bloods Point cemetery area.

If you are new to the area: Bloods Point is an alleged haunted area in Boone County.
Stay tuned, because we plan on adding more of that content on our website in the future!

We love hearing your Bloods Point experiences! 

I will kind of keep it brief:
There is a cemetery that is located on Bloods Pont Rd, at the corner of Pearl in Boone County.

For years, there have been many reports of alleged paranormal experiences that have happened at or near the cemetery.
Many of the neighbors there say that it is not haunted and to stay away.

The cemetery is closed at night, do not visit. 
Reports of the neighbors doing various things to scare off the curiosity seekers.

However, that does not deter many from still going out and checking it out and seeing if these local legends are really true…

RS source reached out to us and told us about her scary experience she had while visiting the Bloods Point area.

Her and her friend were driving in the Bloods Point area back in April of 2019.

As they were driving they lost their sense of direction.

As her and her friend were traveling along, they began to hear a “Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump, Thump”

Of all the places to pull over, they ended up pulling over directly across from the cemetery.

She got out of the vehicle and noticed that the noise was not paranormal,
But that of a flat tire.   The eyewitness called (edit) to come out and assist.

As they waited for assistance, their radio turned to complete static.
A white noise type of sound was all of a sudden coming from the radio.
Then the vehicle just all of a sudden mysteriously died.

Assistance finally arrived and they were able to fix the tire and start the vehicle.
But for some unknown reason the vehicle did not want to remain started.
(Alternator or ghosts?)

She had this creepy feeling as if the cemetery was trying to keep them there.

The eyewitness believes that the Bloods Point cemetery might have been the root cause for her vehicle breaking down.
She feels that the paranormal activity may have been why she broke down, across from the Bloods Point Cemetery.
And still to this day, the vehicle is having issues.  She said she will never go back to Bloods Point ever again…

What do you think?
Do you think it was a coincidence?
Or do you think she experienced the paranormal activity from Bloods Point?


Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Etc…

Original report to RS:
At the beginning of April, I had the thought it’d be fun to drive past bloods point cemetery and bridge with my friend. I didn’t know which direction each thing was so I turned down the road and kept driving. I started to hear a thumping noise only to find out I got a flat tire. By the time I pulled over, I was directly across from the cemetery. I immediately called triple a to come out and help. As we were waiting my radio went completely static. And then after about 20 minutes of sitting with my blinkers on, my car died. Which seemed super fast but I’m no expert on cars so I’m thinking something paranormal was going on. An hour and a half of waiting later, triple a finally showed up. They changed my tired and tried to give me a jump. But for some reason, my car just would not start. It’s like something was keeping us there. We had no choice but to call my friends parents to come and help. We waited another half hour and they finally came. When they got there they tried to figure out what was wrong but we couldn’t figure it out. So, that led to it being towed. Being a minor, I left the scene with the adults so I wasn’t stuck there alone at 10pm at night across from a creepy cemetery that I strongly believe caused these issues. Still to this day, my car is having problems and I think it’s going to die at any point. I refuse to go back again.

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