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Rockford Paranormal Files: A Woman Is Reporting That A Ghost Would Grab Her Arm, And Her Other Paranormal Experiences

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My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided to Rockford Scanner: 


An RS reached out to RS and told us about
her alleged paranormal experience in a local residence. 


Location edited: Residence in Winnebago County

She described having several paranormal experiences at her residence.

Her first memories were items that were above the sink,
Would mysteriously fall down with no explanation.

Her next chilling experience, she was rocking her her daughter in a chair in her living room.
While rocking her daughter that night she felt a cold chill and then all of a sudden a picture went flying off of the wall. She said the picture did not just fall, but it went flying!
The picture landed approx. 5 feet away from the wall.
She said there was no reason for that to have happened.

She is reporting that a few times when she has been home alone,
She has heard some voices.

A few times while she was in her basement area
She has felt an unseen force grab her arm and play with her hair.

Something that we have been noticing in several f the reports to us,
Being woken up almost nightly at a specific time.
She told us that every night around 2:23 am, her dogs start growling at their doorway.

Her husband does not believe in the paranormal.
However one day he was in the basement and felt as if someone was watching him.
He is reported to have felt so uneasy, that he came up stairs and refused to go back in the basement that night.
But he still says he does not believe in the paranormal.

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