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Rockford Paranormal Files: 8 Police Officers And A Security Guard Go Scrambling For Their Lives, After They Have An Alleged Paranormal Experience At A Local Health Facility

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My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided to Rockford Scanner: 

 One of the more popular paranormal stories: 

A local security guard reached out to RS and told RS about his paranormal experience that involved 8 police officers and him, one night while patrolling a local health facility.

This alleged event happened in December 2016.

The eyewitness said that he worked the overnight shift at the health facility.

On December (edited) around 3 am he was doing his routine patrols.
While on patrol that night, his radio began to “come alive”

He described that it started as a garble and that he did not recognize the voice.
Not recognizing the voice over the radio, he responded asking who it was.
Telling the person on the radio to identify themselves.

It was silent for about 10 seconds.
Then a voice came over the radio saying:
“Hahahaha. Shhhhhhh….Identify yourself!”

He described his massive muscular legs, turning to a pudding feeling almost instantly when he heard the voice.
It took him a few seconds to catch his breath, and the eyewitness responded back saying that he was the guard there.

Next thing he heard on the radio was: “Come find me”  

He thought that an intruder might have been in the facility and was playing games with him.

Thinking that there was an intruder, he called the local police department for assistance.

8 Police officers arrived to secure the building.
8 police officers and the eyewitness there, to secure the building.

They noticed an area of the facility that looked like it had been possibly ransacked.
He described the scene saying papers were flying in all directions in the office area.
He said there was so many papers were flying and scattered everywhere.

The officers secured the outside and stairwell area.
And moved to the next floor. Securing each area before moving onto the next.
As soon as the eyewitness and 8 officers reached the next floor.
He said the scariest thing happened.

All the doors on the floor, all of them slammed shut at the same time. 
And a demonic voice screaming “Get Out! Get Out! This is my Floor!” 

The security guard said he never seen so many officer run so fast in his life.
He said all 8 police officers and himself, went running for their lives!

Soon as they all got outside the last officer told the eyewitness:
“It is your problem now”   and left very quickly.

We have had many paranormal reports at local health facilities.
We will be posting at a later date.

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