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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Paranormal Files: Legend Of Blood’s Point

Rockford Paranormal Files: Legend Of Blood’s Point

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Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Etc…

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My opinion on what may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided: 


Blood’s Point is the area’s most famous urban legend.
Or is it an urban legend?

Many have claimed they have had paranormal experiences near Blood’s Point.

While neighbors of Blood’s Point swear that it is just a legend and nothing
actually happens, and they are tired of all the thrill seekers.

So the question remains:
Is it real or just a legend?

Several sources have reported several different types of alleged paranormal experiences:

  • Reports of a man with a pitchfork that guard the cemetery.
  • An old witch (Witch Beaula) that allegedly killed her children by hanging them off the nearby bridge.
  • Phantom vehicles chasing people that go out there. With this being said some locals and neighbors chase off thrill seekers and pretend to be a phantom vehicle by shutting off their lights and chasing people.
    The phantom vehicle may or may not be true.
  • People seeing full apparitions inside the cemetery and along the roadway near the cemetery.
  • If you put your vehicle in neutral on the bridge, it is alleged to roll off.  Now with that being said, there is an incline on the bridge. So it is naturally going to roll off the bridge due to the incline of the bridge and your vehicle being in neutral. Fact based by physics and not really a legend.
  • There used to be a shed in the far left back of the cemetery. But it has since been torn down. That shed held many paranormal experiences; Full batteries mysteriously drained, screams from a female and small children, and mysterious lights within the shed. The shed was reported to be empty with no power.
  • Speaking of mysterious lights, there are mysterious lights that have been spotted in the cemetery and nearby woods. To be fair, some people have purposely went out there to scare others using flashlights and other devices to replicate the mysterious lights.
  • Hell Hounds are reported to guard the gates at night.
    Some have reported hearing some very scary growing noises
    as they get near the cemetery gates at nighttime.
  • Some say they have saw a creepy clown crawling across the cemetery.
  • Many people have reported seeing a dog, that mysteriously vanishes before their eyes.
  • Several females have reported that someone blows on the back of their necks.
  • Countless reports of an unseen force grabbing innocent ghost hunters.

There are a lot of different paranormal experiences that may or may not be true.
There are no records (That I have located) that prove any of these claims have actually happened.

Heads up, the neighbors out there do not like thrill seekers!
And have been known to chase off people thrill seekers and call the police.

If you do go check it out,
You do so at your own risk!

Below are some videos posted on Youtube, of Bloods Point


  • Youtube
  • Weird Darkness
  • Various other sources

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