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Rockford Scanner » F.A.Q.




• What is Rockford Scanner?
Rockford Scanner is the area’s leading online entertainment/informative entertainment website.
We bring you breaking news, events, plus much more!

• Who runs Rockford Scanner?
It is the community that runs Rockford Scanner.
All of our amazing fans out there the help keep us informed!
It is the fans who deserve 1000% of the credit!
You keep RS informed!
Thank You!

Rockford Scanner is unbiased.
And we tell it, JUST LIKE IT IS.
Both good and bad. Based on the info that has been provided to us.
We try to tell ALL the sides of a story, when it is possible.
Depending on what happened.
It may appear RS is forming an opinion and being biased.
Rest assured, we are not biased.
Our goal is to post the information that has been provided to us,
Do your own research and form your own opinion!
RS is unbiased, and just provides the information that has been provided to us.

We highly encourage our fans to do your own research on the topic, and form your own opinion.

• How do I submit a tip?
Email us at

• Can I follow you on social media?
Yes, click the following links to follow us on social media:
Click HERE to follow us on Facebook,
Click HERE to follow us on Twitter,
Click HERE to follow us on Youtube

• Why do I not see a scene on your website?
Due to the police encryption these days, we rely heavily on YOU reporting the scenes to us.
If we do not have it posted, usually means we are unaware of the scene.

Please contact us and let us know!
We will keep you ANONYMOUS!

• Why can’t you cover the news 24/7?
As much as we would love to be able to cover the news and events 24/7.
It is just physically impossible to do so. We have personal lives as well.

As much as I would love to be Superman and be able to be at many places all at one time.
I am no Superman and I am only human.

So as much as I would love for RS to cover news and events 24/7, right now it is impossible to do so.
I do try to share content from other sources, if we are not able to cover the news or event.

On that topic, I am thinking about bringing on some volunteers.

If you are interested, let me know!
If you are interested in volunteering for Rockford Scanner,

• Times of the incident:
We usually post the times of the incidents in the articles.
If the time is not mentioned, then usually we do not have the information.

Usually because the departments involved don’t release that information, or the information was not provided to us.
But we try putting the dates and times in, in every article when it is possible.

Or quite frankly I had just forgot to add it in there.
If it is not posted, just send me the info. and I will add it  🙂

• Legal to listen to a police scanner?
Yes, It is legal to listen to a police scanner.
You can listen to the scanner on our website at

• How do I volunteer for Rockford Scanner?
We are currently seeking volunteers.
If you are interested, email us.

• Photographing police, is it legal?
Yes, it is legal to photograph police and scenes.
An officer has to have a warrant to seize your equipment. You do not have to delete your content.
More information on the ACLU website and at


• Will you post something for me?
If you send it, we will review it and then decide.
Not everything that is sent to us, is posted for various reasons.

• I see an error on your website, how can I contact you to fix it?
As you know we are all human and do commit errors at times.
And the type of content we post, is very dynamic.

If we have made an error, please let us know!
And we do apologize ahead of time!

If it is incorrect, Email us letting us know about the error.
Also, please provide the proof of the correction.


• What is an “In Progress Person”?
Police have labeled the following crimes as “In Progress Person”
In the past: Shootings, stabbings, robberies, kidnappings, deaths.

• What is an “In Progress Property”?
Police have labeled home invasions and burglaries as this in the past.

• What is a “Weapons Violation?
Police said they label their shots fired calls as weapons violations.

• What is a “Medical Assist”?
Police have labeled the following crimes as this,
In the past: Shooting victims, Stabbing victims, Overdoses, Deaths.

• What is “Check for Well Being”?
Police have labeled the following crimes as this,
In the past: home invasions, murder victims, rapes, deaths, etc…

• At times I get an error message when I visit the site?
We are sorry for the inconvenience.
What happens is a lot of traffic hits the website at one time.
Causing the website to do the error.

Rockford Scanner is extremely popular, and the traffic at times, takes the server down.
We recommend refreshing your browser (hitting F5) and that should fix the problem.
Also during the first week or so after a new server, there is a thing called DNS propagation.

• What happened to the maps?
Update: I have re-added the map feature. I will not be adding to all posts.
Such as major intersections, or well-known locations.
The maps will be at the very BOTTOM of the posts.
So you will need to scroll all the way down, to view them.

• East & West Side?
We used to be technical and say
Ex: Northwest side when we were describing areas.

Many complained that it was too “hard” for them to comprehend,
or some were arguing about it.

So we simplify things:

Even when we simplified it, people still complain…. SMH, LOL.

So, I am making it short and simple so everyone can comprehend.
East of the river = East side.
West of the river = West side

• Maps in the article:
We try putting the maps in all our articles. Sometimes they are not. Reason being is, because if it is a major intersection or a popular area. Then most people already know the area and locations. So, we do not post the maps on those. Or if there are more than one location in the article, we cannot put multiple maps in the article. Now with that being said, I am trying to learn how to add multiple locations to 1 map. I have not figured it out yet, but as soon as I do, I will be doing that for those types of articles.


People asking “Where at” in the comments:
The locations are usually posted in the articles.
If not the exact locations, then the general area nearby.

So all you have to do is take 2 seconds and click on the article.
And usually within the first few sentences of the paragraph, the location is mentioned.

Why can I not see my comment or someone else’s comment?
Social media, specifically Facebook has a spam filter.
To weed out the spammers and other bad people.
Your comment may have been flagged for spam.
And it needs to be reviewed before others see it.
That happens often, so do not get discouraged.
Social media platforms have been nailed by spammers.

• What makes you choose which FOIA cases to file on? :
There are various reasons. Mainly because someone requested us to do so.
Also, check out the next question as well.

• Why do you take so long to post FOIA information, after the scene happened long ago? :
Police won’t release FOIA information on open cases.

We have to wait for everything to get done in the court system, and then file a FOIA on it.

Yes, we know it is a while. But police won’t release the full FOIA on something, until it is done in the courts.

• Where can I view the FOIA information at? :

*When you ask RS to post a missing person:
We try to get things confirmed with police, before we post it.
Sadly, in the past, many people would try to find people that were not missing (Ex’s, spouses, etc…)
and tell RS they were missing, when in reality they were not.

Thanks to that, we try getting things confirmed before we post it.

There is now a delay because we have to get things confirmed.

Sadly, some people feel “RS does not post a missing person” because of the delay.
RS DOES post legit missing people, after we get them confirmed.

*Why do I say “Winnebago County”?
I used to say the locations of the smaller towns in the area when incidents would happen.
Then some people in power, I won’t say names…
Were getting mad that I was mentioning their towns instead of saying “Winnebago county”.

So then I began to say “Winnebago County” instead, to please these people in power.
And it still upset them.  So damned if I do and damned if I don’t, LOL

*Why do I post videos of 1st responders acting negative towards RS?
First and foremost, RS respects everyone!
We film the scenes and stay out of the way.
We wear several recording and streaming devices at all times.
And it shows EXACTLY what happens.
Just like the few videos posted below…
Take a few minutes, and watch
Simple concept:
Leave me alone and then I won’t have nothing negative to post.