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Rockford Paranormal Files: RS source describes his paranormal experience, Near the Rockton Cemetery/Dam

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RS source describes his paranormal experience, Near the Rockton Cemetery/Dam

RS source reached out and told us about a paranormal experience that he had awhile back ago.

One night him and his brother decided to go do some night fishing near the Rockton Dam.

They made their way through the cemetery he began to feel something odd.

He mentions that it felt like someone or something was standing and staring, right in front of him.

After a brief second, he noticed an orb about the size of a beach ball that had a color of a neon blue light coming out of a nearby grave.

The eyewitness describes the grave as being an older grave.

He had a strong sense that the orb was of a male figure.

The orb (ball of light) hovered approx. 5 feet off of the ground for about 10 seconds.

The orb then “folded in on itself and disappeared”

Quick note: He saw the orb (ball of light).
But his brother who was standing next to him, did not see it.

Do you think it is a ghost that wanted to make an appearance?
Or do you think it was his imagination?


Ghosts, UFO’s, Bigfoot, Etc…

Original report to RS:
If you fish you may know of the cemetery & old dam in Rockton. One evening we decided to go night fishing there. We arrived at the cemetery, you have to walk through the cemetery to reach the walkway across the river. As we were walking through the cemetery, I felt something odd happening like someone was standing right in front of me and they were looking me up and down. After a second I see a beach ball sized orb of brilliant neon blue light rise from a really old grave. I knew it was a male , and it wasn’t as surprised as much as I was startled. The ball of light hung about 5 foot off the ground there and was just watching me for around 5-10 seconds. It was enough time for my brother to ask me “ What the Hell are you doing?” My brother was right next to me as this happened, I said you don’t see it? He said “ See what? You must be stoned!” I wasn’t. I hadn’t even had a beer that day. After ten seconds the ball of blue light just folded in on itself & disappeared.

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