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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Paranormal Files: An Alleged Haunted House in Machesney Park

Rockford Paranormal Files: An Alleged Haunted House in Machesney Park

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My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided: 

I saw that you were asking for real local paranormal stories and I wanted to reach out.

I will understand completely, if you do not believe me.
I tried to tell some close friends of mine about these experiences,
But they do not believe me. So, I am used to it.
I swear this happened to my family!

We were renting a house near the Harlem Middle School area.

It is a nice 2 story house that sits on the corner of one of the nearby intersections.

If you drove by and looked at it,  you would never be able to tell that a lot of scary sh*t has taken place inside.

When we moved in, we were never notified about the history of the place or what lies inside.

My family moved in during the summer of (edited) and we stayed there for what seemed like an eternity.
But it really was only a year or so.  I wanted out of that place bad!  I was terrified of that place!

The first time I was home alone in the house I began hearing noises in the basement area.
Sounded like it came from underneath the stairs area.

I figured I was home alone and in our new house and my mind was playing tricks on me.

I would hear, BANG, BANG, BANG.
And then a female moaning. And then BANG, BANG, BANG!

I am not going to lie, I was terrified.  But I chalked it up as my imagination.
How could it be my imagination when the walls were shaking?

It was either that same night or the night after, I remember I was sitting down and watching some Jerry Springer and all of a sudden this pitch black cloud just appears next to the TV.   It moved towards me and then hovered above me.  It had a nasty sulfur smell to it.  It was so dark, I have never saw anything so dark before.
My TV worked fine and there was no malfunctions.

Something I will not forget, to this day!
And just like that, it disappeared right before my very eyes.

Again, I chalked it up as my imagination.
But, How could a pitch black cloud just appear and move towards me and hover.
Then disappear just as quick as  it  appeared?

During the time we lived there, our family pets would come racing up the stairs from the basement.
Every time they would have every hair on their body, standing straight up.  Whatever was down in our basement, scare the living sh*t out of our pets on several occasions.  Every time I tried to take a photo of this happening the photo was always a blur. Looks like some kind of white fog.

There were many times we would find our pets hiding under tables, too scared to come out.

There was not a day or night that went by that we did not hear something strange.
Or an object come flying off a shelf or a wall. This happened everyday!

At night I would have to sleep under the covers.  I could hear the footsteps of an older gentleman that would come wandering up the stairs and then stand in my doorway and just watch me.  He never said a word, eerily silent.  And then after a few minutes he would vanish!

I think at some point or another everything we had hanging on the walls has went flying off the wall!

All of our cabinets would mysteriously open up and our plates and glasses would be thrown violently towards the floor. One time I swear they were directed towards me!  A few of them landed just inches from me.

A buddy of mine was over one night and we were sitting there chatting at the kitchen table, when all of a sudden a door came flying across the room and slammed into the wall shattering it into splinters all over our floor.

I realized that not only did I just witness that, but so did my buddy!

As scary as that experience was, it was a huge relief to me knowing that there was now another witness.

He was just as scared as I was, when that door come flying across the room and slammed into the wall.

I mean how does that even happen?!?!

I knew whatever was causing this to happen originated in the basement.

I called in a local ghost hunting group (edited) and had them do an investigation on my house.

They were able to catch a couple of demonic voices of their voice recorders.

The lead investigator said he will never lay a foot in my house ever again.

They told me that they caught something on video, but they did not want to share it with me.
Because of how life-altering it may be, they told me. I could tell everyone of those investigators were terrified. Terrified of something! And they did not want to tell me.   What is in my house?

After they left, a few nights later I was laying in bed when a black cloud hovered over the foot of my bed.  All of a sudden I felt something grab me and throw me against the wall. Then it picked me up and pinned me facedown on my ceiling and then dropped me.  I couldn’t breathe and I was had no idea what was happening.

I do remember the very cold sensation I felt. It felt as if there was an open window in the middle of winter.  Bone chilling cold. And that smell of sulfur was back again.  The next thing that happened, made me run for my life.

As I was laying there in shock of what had just happened and trying to catch my breath.  I heard this demonic voice scream my name and in a really loud tone it said “Get the f*ck out”  

Running so fast, afraid for my life. I collided with a few walls and finally collapsed outside in the front yard.

Feeling relieved that I was outside, and was able to escape.   I now understood what the ghost hunters meant when they said they would never lay a foot inside my house ever again.  Because, I never did ever again.

RS Note: There was another resident that sent in similar events at the same address.
Two different renters, similar stories to RS.

Is this house really haunted?
Or is it just an imagination running wild?

What caused the professional ghost hunters to vow to never step inside the house ever again?

What would you do, if you lived at (edited)?


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