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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Paranormal Files: RS sources tells us about their paranormal experiences at a local bowling alley

Rockford Paranormal Files: RS sources tells us about their paranormal experiences at a local bowling alley

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My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided to Rockford Scanner: 

RS source tells us about their paranormal experiences,
While working at a local bowling alley. 

RS sources have reached out and told us about their paranormal experiences while at a local bowling alley.
Please stop and play a few games of bowling and grab a bite to eat.
Please support the business and enjoy your time there.

One RS source is reporting that he worked as a mechanic at a the local bowling alley.
He swears that the place is haunted, based on the alleged paranormal experience.

The eyewitness is reporting that while he worked in the back room,
He would be alone and see shadows in the area every night.
And that it is very common to have the sense of not being alone.

There is an (edited) that is allegedly painted on the nearby wall.
One night, There was an issue with the pair of lanes closest to that wall.

While he was there monitoring the issue with the lanes,
He said that he heard a “Creepy Whisper” whispering his name in his ear.

He freaked out and went up to the front desk the rest of that night.

Another eyewitness reached out to us and said during a different incident at the same pair of lanes,
They saw a mist at the area where you throw your ball down the lane.
The mist is alleged to have formed into the figure of a younger female and then faded away.

Reports of a heavy dread feeling near the mechanics room area.

One eyewitness told us that they had someone blowing on the back of her neck by an unknown source.
She swears that no one was even close to her when the incident happened.
She felt as if the presence might have been a male.

Two different sources have reported seeing bright glowing orbs near the entrance.
Both described the orbs as bright Blue lights and what appeared to be a red dot in the middle.
The orbs allegedly floated around for a few seconds and then vanished.

There have been approx. 6 reports of kids having conversations with an invisible being,
While they bowl with their families. Many of them laughing and giggling and telling jokes.
As the nearby people watch in confusion, because there is nobody physically there that the child is talking too.

We tried doing research on the building and have not found and credible reports of any deaths on the property.
Could there have been a death on the property? Yes, And we just are unaware.  All the reports have been friendly reports.

One of the employees actually named it “Cosmic The Friendly Ghost”

Are ghosts real, or is this story in the “gutter”?
Sorry, I wanted to kind of make some type of bowling joke.
I failed miserably, LOL

We can say this: We do have several people reporting strange occurrences in a local bowling alley.
If it is real, who knows.   Go enjoy a few games of bowling and tell us if you had your own paranormal experience!

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Unless you let us know to credit your name.

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