Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Vehicle Accident In Loves Park


Multiple vehicle accident in Loves Park. 

It happened around 12:20 pm today in the area of Forest Hills & Pepper/River ln. Reports of an accident that involves at least 3 vehicles. Injuries were being reported. Multiple ambulances were on scene.

Please avoid the area or expect delays



Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase Ends Up With The Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle


Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle

Sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford around midnight. 

It happened around 12:05 am this morning around Falcon and Beltline. 

There is reports of a vehicle in the river and 2 people are trapped inside it. 

This was a police chase, that ended up in the river.

The vehicle is completely submerged.

Officers are in the river trying to rescue the suspects.

Still developing. 

Update: The 2 people were rescued.  At least one of them needed medical attention.


Rockford Scanner™: Structure Fire In Loves Park, Possibly 2 Different Fires

RS Source

Two Possible Structure Fires in Loves Park

It  happened just before 6 pm near River ln and Walker in Loves Park at Progressive Steel.

Reports are saying flames are coming from the roof area.

Several emergency personnel are en route.

There is also reports of a structure in the 900 block of Lawn Drive.

Unknown if this is the same fire, or 2 different ones. 

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Rockford Scanner™: Another Trailer On Fire, Several Fire Departments En Route

Sources are reporting another trailer is fully engulfed.

It happened just before midnight tonight.

Blackhawk FD were dispatched to the 700 block of Gold River for a structure fire.  When they arrived on scene the trailer was fully engulfed.

Several area fire departments were en route to assist.

Still developing.

Note: This is the same area where several fires have been recently. A local firefighter (Brandon Cox) was arrested recently for allegedly setting several trailers on fire in that same area.

Rockford Scanner™: Local Firefighter Charged With Multiple Counts Of Arson

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Rockford Scanner™: Plane Crashes Into The Illinois River, Still Developing

Sources are reporting a plane has crashed into the Illinois River near Morris Illinois today around 2 pm.

The pilot and passenger were located about 30 minutes later.  They were alive, but their conditions were not yet known.

The plane was reportedly upside-down in the river.

Still developing


Rockford Scanner™: Officials Release Drone Footage Of The Local Flooding Impacts

On March 21, 2019 the Winnebago County emergency operations center is releasing images and video of areas impacted where the severe flooding occurred near the Rock River, the Pecatonica River, in the Sugar River.

These images will help show the extent of the flooding and the impact on our community. This is a difficult time for our community and the Winnebago County emergency operations center recognizes the stress on residents waiting for the water to recede.

There are three videos, one above and 2 below.

Below is footage from Dj Jkey



Rockford Scanner™: Area Fire Departments Requested To Assist Flooding Evacuations in Freeport

Sources are reporting several area fire departments were requested to assist emergency personnel in evacuations in downtown Freeport around 1:30 pm today.

Staging area was near a bridge in downtown Freeport.

We have no heard any injuries.

Just evacuations from the rapidly rising flood waters.


Rockford Scanner™: Water Rescue From That Rapidly Rising River Waters

UPDATE: They have toned out a mutual aid around 2 pm today, for local fire departments to respond with hard bottom and soft bottom boats to search for victims on Blackhawk Island. They are evacuating the Blackhawk island. Some are refusing to leave.

Sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford.

It happened around 8 am this morning on the Blackhawk Island.

Reports of at least one victim (possibly more)  that are stranded.

Blackhawk Fire Dept. and New Milford Fire Dept. are en route. They are staging at S Main and Shore.

Sounds like the river is flooded pretty bad down in that area and is quickly rising.

They have asked for the rapid response vehicle to the scene.

Still developing

As you know they have opened up the Fordham Dam in Rockford, so all that water is rushing down river near this location.


Rockford Scanner™: Flooding in Winnebago County

Email us your flooding photos and videos to us at 

Update: They have opened up the Fordam Dam in Rockford. It has been wide open for the last 48 hours. 

Forecast flooding Changed from Moderate to Major severity for the
following rivers in Illinois…

Pecatonica River near Shirland affecting Winnebago County
Rock River at Latham Park affecting Winnebago County

The following forecasts are based on observed precipitation as well
as forecast precipitation 24-48 hours into the future.


Safety message…If you encounter a flooded roadway…turn around and
find an alternate route.

Additional information can be found at

1054 AM CDT Thu Mar 14 2019

…Forecast flooding increased from Moderate to Major severity…
The Flood Warning continues for
The Pecatonica River near Shirland, or from Winnebago County line
downstream to confluence with the Rock River.
* until further notice.
* At 1000 AM Thursday the stage was 14.3 feet.
* Flood stage is 12.0 feet.
* Moderate flooding is occurring and Major flooding is forecast.
* Forecast…The river will continue rising to around 15.5 feet by
early Sunday morning then begin falling.
* Impact…At 15.7 feet…The Shirland Harrison road floods

Photos by the WCSO & Monique Delph


Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Responding To A Rollover Accident

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Emergency Personnel Responding To A Rollover Accident

It happened around 8:40 pm in the area on I-39 between Baxter and the river.

There are reports of a an accident near this location and a vehicle involved has rolled over. It is not yet clear on injuries. We have gotten conflicting reports.

Extrication is needed to cut a victim out of the vehicle.

Avoid the area or expect delays.

The cause of the accident is under investigation

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