Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries in Loves Park

A little after noon today several emergency personnel were responding to an accident with injuries in Loves Park.

It happened near Forest Hills and River ln.

Reports of an accident and at least one person is reporting injuries.

Avoid the area



Rockford Scanner™: Female Swallows Drugs in Loves Park

Sources are reporting a scene in Loves Park.

It happened around 2:20 pm today in the 1000 block of River ln.

Reports of a female that swallowed drugs.

Emergency personnel are on scene.



Rockford Scanner™: River Rescue In Rockford


Sources are reporting a river rescue in Rockford. 

Just before noon today there was a person in the Rock River in the 1400 block of S Main.  A citizen was trying to rescue the person in the water.

Emergency personnel were en route.   No other details at this time.

Update: The person was rescued out of the river, unknown on the victims condition.

RS Source


Rockford Scanner™: Sources Are Reporting A Possible Dead Body in The River


We are getting several reports of several emergency personnel near the river near the overpass looking into the Kishwaukee river.  Sources said police officers were flying fast to get to the scene and almost caused a couple of accidents while en route. We have been told there is a body in the river.

As you know the police are encrypted and have not confirmed anything, and rarely do they provide any information to the public since encrypting, so do not expect any updates. 



Rockford Scanner™: Body Recovery From A Local River, Still Developing

Update: After investigating, officials said the object of interest was just a log with a vest on it. No body was recovered.

Around 8:30 am this morning several emergency personnel were on scene on S Main near the airport. 

Reports of a body that was hung up in the river. Someone saw something white and blue and think it is a dead body.   

Several emergency personnel are on scene. 

Still developing



Rockford Scanner™: 4 Wheeler In The River

Sources are reporting 3 guys rolled this 4 wheeler into the Kishwaukee River earlier today.  Sources believe it is possibly stolen and wanted us to post this, to see if anyone had their 4 wheeler stolen recently that looks like this?


Rockford Scanner™: Several Emergency personnel Working A Water Rescue Near The Airport


Sources are reporting a water rescue. 

Reports of several emergency personnel at the old Ace of Diamonds on S Main near the airport. Reports of some people that were on the river and had got stranded on an island and are unable to get off.

Unknown what happened at this time for them to have caused them to be stranded. Everyone is reported to be out of the water and stuck on the shore.

This is near marker 7.5, where the two rivers meetup.



Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Vehicle Accident In Loves Park


Multiple vehicle accident in Loves Park. 

It happened around 12:20 pm today in the area of Forest Hills & Pepper/River ln. Reports of an accident that involves at least 3 vehicles. Injuries were being reported. Multiple ambulances were on scene.

Please avoid the area or expect delays



Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase Ends Up With The Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle


Vehicle In The River, 2 People Inside Trapped In The Vehicle

Sources are reporting a water rescue in Rockford around midnight. 

It happened around 12:05 am this morning around Falcon and Beltline. 

There is reports of a vehicle in the river and 2 people are trapped inside it. 

This was a police chase, that ended up in the river.

The vehicle is completely submerged.

Officers are in the river trying to rescue the suspects.

Still developing. 

Update: The 2 people were rescued.  At least one of them needed medical attention.


Rockford Scanner™: Structure Fire In Loves Park, Possibly 2 Different Fires

RS Source

Two Possible Structure Fires in Loves Park

It  happened just before 6 pm near River ln and Walker in Loves Park at Progressive Steel.

Reports are saying flames are coming from the roof area.

Several emergency personnel are en route.

There is also reports of a structure in the 900 block of Lawn Drive.

Unknown if this is the same fire, or 2 different ones. 

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