Military Aircraft in The Area

Credit: David Charles Lindberg

Credit: Dave Lindberg

The jet that was flying around the area earlier today is a MIG-21 that is based out at the Rockford Airport. It is privately owned. 

More about the MIG-21

Rockford Scanner fan Tommy Kronas: That is a MIG and it is a privately owed plane. It is a show plane and has dummy missiles. Seen that around locally a few years.

Credit: Dave Lindberg


Credit: Dave Lindberg

Several Rockford Scanner fans have said they heard a military jet in the Rockford area.  At the time of writing this, it is not known what type of jet is making the noise.

We can confirm there is a BlackHawk helicopter to the north, near the Beloit area, approx. 4000 feet.

But fans are saying this is a military jet, like a fighter plane. So it is not known if there are 2 different military aircraft in the area, or just the one.

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Update: The fans are certain it is a military jet fighter. One fan is reporting they saw 2 jets.

The FAA is also in town, they arrived just before noon. But their aircraft is a Bombardier Global 5000, not something that resembles a jet fighter.

It may be possible, there is a high profile person in town (Politician, celebrity, etc…)   that we do not yet know about that flew in.

If you have any information or photo/video, please contact us

Rockford Airport New Cargo & Expansions, Many Great Things To Come!



Rockford Airport (KRFD)   is booming with business and expanding rapidly these days.  They have ABX daily cargo service that flies in and out of RFD now. Also they have Air Transport International as well.

Credit: KRFD

Credit: KRFD FB


They are expanding the Rockford Airport terminal, which should be finished in 2017.


The new MRO (largest nationwide and third-largest global Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) provider, AAR) is sheduled to open this year.  This will bring all types of aircraft both civilian and military in for maintenance and repairs.

Rockford already hosts several commercial flights from Allegiant, Elite Airways, etc… bringing the area residents to destinations all around the USA including Colorado, Florida, Las Vegas, etc… And there are rumors more destinations are being added.

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Rockford Airport hosts many politicians, celebrities, professional athletes and teams, VIP’s, plus much more.  You just never know who you may see!!!

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Rockford Airport gets a lot of diversion flights when the weather gets bad out in Chicago. Or if the Chicago traffic is bad. Many of the aircraft in the holding patterns fly into Rockford to refuel while waiting to land in Chicago.  American Airlines, United, etc… they all fly into Rockford Airport.

Credit: KRFD

Credit: KRFD FB

For all those people out there that like to watch aircraft, the Rockford Airport is very plane spotter friendly! You can get the information at

The Rockford Airport has 2 runways.

The Runway 7/25 that is East/West is approx. 10,002 feet long!  This runway is able to handle any and all types of aircraft.

Runway 1/19 that runs North/South is approx. 8,200 feet long!  this can handle most types of aircraft as well.

Rockford Airport has free parking, free baggage carts, free wifi, short lines, plus much more!

Rockford Airport is expanding and has many great things and many great things to come!

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Credit: KRFD FB

Check out the Rockford Airport website at

Person Reporting Plane Just Above Their Rooftop, Wants To Report Pilot





Around 3:27 pm today someone in Boone County called the police to report a very low flying aircraft. They said the airplane was flying just above the roofs of their houses.  In the area of Rt 76 and Woodstock. They were not happy and said the pilot was flying very unsafe and wanted to report the pilot.




KC-135 At The Rockford Airport


Several Rockford Scanner fans have contacted us and said there is a large plane that is circling the area.

This is a KC-135.  They fly into the Rockford Airport (KRFD)  and practice doing touch and go’s on the Rockford Airport runways.

They do this a few times a week.  It is actually really neat to watch.

Many do not know, but the Rockford Airport hosts many types of aircraft. Both civilian and military.   They come in to refuel, practice touch and go’s, to be serviced, etc…      Rockford Airport has proven it can hold even the largest of the largest aircraft on its runways.

Runway 7/25 (East/West) is approx. 10,000 feet long!

Runway 1/19 (North/South) is approx. 8,200 feet long!

Rockford Airport is plane spotter friendly.  So be sure to go out there and watch the aircraft as they come in.

More information on plane spotting at the Rockford Airport ~

We want to thank all the fans for the heads up on the KC-135