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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner : Police Once Again Remain SILENT About Another VIOLENT Robbery in Rockford

Rockford Scanner : Police Once Again Remain SILENT About Another VIOLENT Robbery in Rockford

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Current information that has been provided to us

Don’t you love that transparency the police promised the community,
When they encrypted their radios and gave the community the middle finger.
Then turns around and wants you to trust them…

Sad,, YOUR taxes pay the salaries of the police.

And the police do not care about crime, sit in parking lots, countless reports of police never even responding to calls,
Encrypted their radios, lie to the community……..

And the police turn around and want you to TRUST them.

Sadly, another VICTIM has reached out to RS, because the victim feels the local police are worthless.

This robbery happened this morning near Blackhawk Park.

Sources said the police acted like they weren’t going to do anything.

So they reached out to RS, and asked if we could post.


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