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Rockford Scanner » Gone in 60 seconds : Multiple Vehicles Stolen In Winnebago County

Gone in 60 seconds : Multiple Vehicles Stolen In Winnebago County

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Current information that has been provided to us

Numerous people have reported their vehicle has been stolen.

Many of the victims, are pissed at the local police.
Because police refused to respond to make a police report.

Most of the vehicles are being stolen in the overnight hours.

Criminals use the encryption to their advantage,
Because they know the police will not inform the community.

So criminals do whatever they want, because they know the local police will not do anything.

Sadly, these vehicle thefts continue to happen.

And more and more community members are turning against the police.

Most of the reports are saying KIA’s,  but there is a Ford Fusion as well.

Unconfirmed reports said someone stole a police squad car in the last week, took it for a spin and dumped it.
And police never caught them…

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