Rockford Scanner™: Skid Loader Stolen From Byron


From RS Source Kraig Lindquist  :
“Reward to anyone who can lead me in the direction of a thief who stole my father’s skid loader yesterday Monday between 2:20pm an 3:50 pm I have 2000 cash, 100 dollar bills that leads me to this pos punk!!!!

Its a 2010 262c Caterpillar rubber tire with forks onto as attachment right now 505hrs thanks. Stolen from byron…  It was taken out of our yard between 2 20 and 310. It was seen on a flat bed truck heading east on Oak grove rd. Cameras may help us, if anyone can check theirs. If its brought back, no questions.”



Rockford Scanner™: Couple Vehicles Stolen Near S Beloit Last Night


RS source Rachael White sent us the following in regards to vehicles stolen near S Beloit last night: 

” A friend of mine lives in South Beloit by Prairie Hill and Dorr Rd her car and 2 others were stolen last night. We were wondering if you could post this for others to be on the look out. 2014 Chrysler 300 gold plate #ABR2217″



CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Suspect Steals A Donation Box From A Local Business


Sources sent us this video of a suspect that allegedly stole a donation box from a business on S Main in Rockford. 

The donation box was for someone who is sick.

This suspect walked off with the box and all the donations for the sick person in it.  If you recognize this suspect, call the RPD or you can contact us and we will relay your tip to the police anonymously for you.


Rockford Scanner™: Sources Reporting A Thief in Rockford


RS source sent us the following:
“Rockford has a thief working the west side. This morning I arrived home at 0200 and was in the process of exiting my vehicle and witnessed a white male, heavy set, early 20’s running south on Winnebago st. from Ashland Ave. He was checking car doors in driveways.

I contacted RPD and they immediately arrived on scene and saturated the area looking for the said subject. One of the officers stopped by to thank me and told me they have been looking for this subject all night.

Please remind your followers to keep their car doors locked”



Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan has their vehicle stolen, have you seen it?

RS Source Karla R. Perez sent us the following:

“This is a long shot but my dads car got stolen last night ( 2011 gray Hyundai Sonata) and other neighbors cars got broken into around the Harrison and Alpine area.

We wanted to see if you could post the pictures of the car and maybe someone has seen it and we can possibly get the car back.
Thank you in advance.”


Rockford Scanner™: Three Females Going On A Crime Spree In Rockford?


Over the last few weeks we have gotten several reports from several area businesses that 3 females have been going into local stores and destroying items and stealing items. Then they flee the stores. 

Sources have told us the police have been notified on several of these incidents and they did not seem to care to investigate the crimes, according to the victims. 

Tuesday it happened again at Ulta, around 4:40 pm. Three females went into the business with garbage bags and began to fill the bags with items. And then they fled the store. Witnesses were able to get a photo of the alleged vehicle and plate.

Police are encrypted and have not released any information on any of these incidents. The most we got out of police was “No Comment”  so they will not confirm the incidents, and they won’t confirm if it is the same 3 females on a crime spree, etc…

Thankfully to the citizens of the area, we are able to post this and keep people informed via your tips, so maybe these alleged criminals can be caught.



Rockford Scanner™: Theft at Marshalls in Rockford

Theft at Marshalls in Rockford

The following was sent to us and asked if we could post it:
Older Lady ran out the store with a bunch of purses. She was white, heavy set, & was limping. Was wearing a baseball cap, has reddish brown hair. This is the car she got in and left. Can we possibly get some help identifying the car. (Video by RS Source)


Rockford Scanner™: Weapons Violation, Stolen Vehicle, Police Chase, Accident, Etc….


7 people face charges following several different incidents (stolen vehicles, burglary, stolen firearms) over the last 5 days.

Note: We did article on some of these, check our website for the information.