Rockford Scanner™: Sending Us Tips & Rewards Program

Good afternoon everyone!

We live by the motto:  NEVER BITE A HAND THAT FEEDS US

Wewant to remind everyone we post everything on our website first, before we post it on social media. Also there are many things that is only on the website that we will not post on social media. So be sure to check out our website at and bookmark it and check it often!

I first want to thank everyone for sending in your tips!   Greatly appreciated! Keep up the amazing work! You guys and gals are awesome!

Speaking of tips, we are in the process of working out some kind of reward program for people that send us tips in.   You are giving us the tips, we want to somehow give back and reward everyone who sends us tips.  It is still in the alpha stages, so it will be a bit before it is set in stone.

So start getting in the groove and keep sending your tips!

If you see ANY kind of emergency vehicle, let us know!

  • Traffic stops
  • Medical calls
  • Domestics
  • Shootings
  • Stabbings
  • Robberies
  • Accidents
  • Even if you have no idea what is going on and you just see emergency personnel, LET US KNOW!   

We will keep you anonymous!   We NEVER BITE A HAND THAT FEEDS US.



Rockford Scanner™: We Want To Hear About Your Paranormal Experience!


I am wanting to do some stories on local paranormal encounters in and around the Winnebago County areas. 

If you had an experience with a possible ghost, bigfoot, ufo, or anything else strange in or around the Winnebago County area.
I would like to hear from you!

Is your house haunted?  Are you a 1st responder who saw or experienced a paranormal encounter?  Saw a ghost?  Been to Bloods Point?
We want to hear about your experience!

We will definitely keep everyone anonymous.  Privacy is our number one key. We know coming forward and telling your story my be hard for some. There is no worries, we will keep you ANONYMOUS. 

Please email us at
with your experience. 

#1 Your expereince 
#2 Location
#3 Date/Time
#4 Your name or anonymous


Rockford Scanner™: Enjoying This Amazing Weather


I just wanted to give everyone a heads up the posts will be minimal for the next 2 days. We plan on going out and enjoying this amazing weather!

Some of you have sent content in, I will post that as soon as I can.

Much appreciated for sending in the content!

Just bear with me, I will post it, but it will be delayed some.

Hopefully everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter weekend!