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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner™: Changes To The Rockford Scanner Website…

Rockford Scanner™: Changes To The Rockford Scanner Website…

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Welcome to Rockford Scanner

Welcome to the area’s favorite entertainment website!
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Based on the information that has currently been provided to us.
We strongly recommend you doing your own research, and forming your own opinions.
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Rockford Scanner Website Changes

Many of you are wondering what happened to our website.  Surprise!
I figured I would start RS website all over.  I have several plans for the future of RS.
And it was a lot easier to start all over, than to edit stuff.

Note: You may get a certificate error, that will be temporary.
Things have to propagate, it may to take a few days to get back to normal.

We had several thousands of articles on our website.
It was bogging down the server, making slower load times for many.
So I am starting a clean fresh start with RS.

Note: ALL previous links/content to articles, will not load.

I do apologize, if you were looking for any previous stories.
There were many!   Good news is, you can CLICK HERE
And view the previous content!
Heads up though, some content may not be on there.
Especially the recent articles.

I do ask that you bear with me during this process.
I have listened to your feedback over the years,
And wanted to make RS more user friendly.
With stuff that you have asked for!

Yes, the beginning stages suck because there is no content at the moment.
But trust me when I say this, things are going to be different in the future.

To most, things won’t notice any differences besides the lack of current content.
To others, you will see the changes right away!

I will probably be posting stuff that I normally wouldn’t, to create some content on our website.
This is only temporary.

I would like to hear your feedback:

Thank You for understanding, and bearing with me 🙂


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