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Rockford Scanner » Sticky Post: About Rockford Scanner™

Sticky Post: About Rockford Scanner™

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Welcome to the area’s favorite entertainment website!
We post our personal opinions on what may have happened,
Based on the information that has currently been provided to us.
We strongly recommend you doing your own research, and forming your own opinions.
If you have any information, photos, videos, please email us at:


About Rockford Scanner

Rockford Scanner has been mentioned on several worldwide outlets:

Rockford Scanner provides Entertainment.

• Providing Entertainment & Informative Entertainment.

• Keeping the community informed with our personal opinions:
Breaking News, Crimes, Accidents,  Events, Police Scanner Hobby,
Ham Radio Hobby, Freedom of Information Act, plus much more!

• Providing the community with scene photography and entertainment since 2009.

• The information provided is based on our personal opinion
of what allegedly may or may not possibly have allegedly happened.
Based on all the information that has been currently provided to us at the time of posting it.

• We highly encourage you to do your own research on the topic via other sources
and then form your own opinions on what may have possibly have happened.

• Simple communication and transparency,
Would eliminate any misinformation or exaggerations.

• We are human and make errors, it happens.
If you see an error, contact us with the PROOF of the error.

• Email your tips, photos, video:

• Rockford Scanner is NOT affiliated with any police departments,
fire departments, EMS departments, or any other government agency.

• We ONLY operate Rockford Scanner.
There are many rumors about us running other social media accounts.
Those are FALSE.

• We have a very large and very loyal fan base from literally around the World!
Words can not describe how grateful and thankful
we are for our loyal fans, THANK YOU!

Our goals: 

  • Bringing awareness to the police scanner hobby
  • Scene photography 
  • Uniting the community and having a good time.



If you see something of interest. 
Pull out your camera and film. 
Then email it to 

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