Rockford Scanner™: 1 Person Injured During A Structure Fire in Rockford

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UPDATE: Sources said this was an arson and this man was allegedly arrested.

Police say a Rockford man confessed to setting a fire in his home in a presumed attempt to kill his mother, and ignored her screaming as he went to get a ladder and rescue his wife and three children from the burning home

Sources are reporting a structure fire on the East side.

It happened overnight in the 1700 block of Lyran ave. 

The Rockford firefighters rescued one occupant, transported to local hospital. Unknown on the severity of the injuries. 

Source told us: ” 1 victim was swept away immediately before fire trucks even were acting. Then another ran down not as urgently and 2 firefighters walked with a stretcher and carried 2 small children to an ambulance”

The Rockford FD were able to get the scene quickly under control. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation. 

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