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Rockford Scanner » South Beloit Employee Wrongfully Fired, For Reporting Human Trafficking (Rape and Kidnappings)

South Beloit Employee Wrongfully Fired, For Reporting Human Trafficking (Rape and Kidnappings)

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Local Employee WRONGFULLY Fired
for Reporting Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking,
Let’s Call It As It Really Is:


Recently, an employee from the Pilot/Flying J truck stop in South Beloit, IL
Was wrongfully fired, for reporting human trafficking and other crimes they witnessed
While working their shifts at the Pilot/Flying J truck stop.

Located in South Beloit, IL
at 16049 Willowbrook Rd
That has the Denny’s inside it.

The employee was a witness to multiple crimes such as:
Kidnappings and rapes and other crimes…
While they worked there on 3rd shift, overnights.

Most of the incidents that happened was in the back semi parking lot.
Known as “Party Row” and also the middle parking area of the lot.

Party row you can find lot lizards, any type of drugs you want, panhandlers, fights, etc…
It is located in the very back of the semi parking lot area. Usually far away from everyone.
Where a lot of stuff happens, and everyone keeps quiet.

Think of it as, Truck Stop Sin City
A drivers getaway area, to have fun and relax and party.
Which attracts some very dark people at times. 

The employee went to their bosses to report these incidents.
And their boss fired them for: “No Call, No Show”
To keep them quiet. To make the employee, look bad.
And lose the former employees credibility.

And to make the truck stop look good. 

The South Beloit Police Department have not taken any of the reports seriously.

Basically, telling the former employee:
Well, the girls are gone, it is out of our jurisdiction now.
They will pop up somewhere else.  So, we don’t care.
Is basically what they are saying to the former employee.

The bosses at the Pilot/Flying J, are denying all the claims.
Basically, to cover their assess and do positive PR for their business.
They do not want any negative PR, so they fired the employee.

Wrongfully Fired Them Saying: No Call, No Show
Even though the real reason was because they spoke up
About the ongoing human trafficking (And other crimes) at the Pilot/Flying J. 

The former employee told us that while they were employed there.
They witnessed many things.
Majority of the incidents happened on 3rd shift, Overnights.

  •  A naked woman tied up on a crucifix, inside of a semi cab.
    The woman was naked, beaten up, crying hysterically for help and tied up on a crucifix inside the semi cab.

When the former employee noticed the woman,
the OTR semi driver pointed a firearm at the employee
and put his finger up to his mouth, in a “Shhhhh” position.
Started the semi and drove away.

The employee tried to report this to Pilot/Flying J, only to be told they were a liar.
And to keep quiet or something bad was going to happen to them as well.

Because they did not want the negative PR for the Pilot/Flying J Truck Stop.
And that there are now several truck stops in the area now,
and they did not need the bad PR.

  • Another driver admitted to killing 7 women.
  • And laughed about how police are idiots, and he has gotten away with murder for years.
  • He bragged to the employee about how he drugged the women.
  • And then kidnap the women
  • Then hops back on the highway and is gone.
  • Holds them hostage and uses them as sex slaves.
  • To dump their bodies in another location.  “Jane Doe”
  • Bragging to the employee about how some trucker in the past did the same and he was his idol and was going to beat his record.
  • Telling the employee, good luck catching me.
  • Killed for years, and nobody took it seriously when it was reported.
  • In fact, the former employee was threatened bodily harm themselves,
    if they spoke out about it.
  • This was reported to Pilot/Flying J boss and SBPD
    And again, nothing happened.

Think about that….
The OTR truck driver admitted to the former employee,
That he had killed 7 women. And was going to beat his idol record.
And continue killing. Because of how easy it was to do. 

How easy it was to kidnap someone from a truck stop back parking lot. 

Hold them hostage in their cab while they travel and use them as sex slaves. 

Then kill them and dump the victims’ bodies in another location,
to be known as “jane doe”

And nothing was done about it….

3 of these victims that were allegedly kidnapped from this location, Pilot/Flying J
Are now currently alleged to be “Missing”  

The former employee also tried to report several other types of crimes:
Robbery, Burglary, Indecent Exposure, Disorderly, Etc…

When the former employee reported the crimes, it fell on deaf ears.
And the former employee was threatened and told to keep quiet and that it never happened.

And then finally they wrongfully fired the employee, saying:
“No Call, No Show” 

Pilot/Flying J Truck Stop has denied all these claims.
Wrongfully firing the employee and allegedly erasing all records of the reports of anything happening.

The wooded area along the South East/East side of the business,
Is very dangerous at night. Next to the Dennys parking lot.

Criminals use it to hide in the woods and prey on women and rob people and trailers.

The woods have multiple paths that lead to different areas.

I-90 is on the edge of the woods, residences along the North side.
The back semi parking lot, Denny Parking lot, etc..

And almost every night there are approx. 150-300 semi-trailers
That you could weave under and in and out of.

Semis run all night long, and the lot is loud.
Easily concealing loud noises.

There are ZERO security measures in the back parking lot at the Pilot/Flying J in South Beloit.
A lot of criminal activity is ongoing at that truck stop. Especially overnights.

The only thing the criminals have to worry about there, is a maintenance man.
(Their security is the guy who changes trash)

That wears a bright vest and rides on a very visible go cart
Through the parking lot once or twice at night.

That maintenance man has no legal right to do anything to you,
Except call the police.

That is what a criminal has to worry about, at this location.
No wonder why the criminals love this location.

Is a criminal afraid of a guy who changes trash and wears a bright
Yellow visible vest that can be seen all across the lot at night?

This is why human tracking has happened,
Because of how easy it is…

Burglary suspects use the fence lines along the North side of the property.

Also, use the wooded area along the East side, back by tire business.
To come in at night and burglarize semi-trailers overnights.
They also use that area to access the property to panhandle and prostitute
(Lot lizard)


Over the Road (OTR) truckers use that back semi parking lot as a criminal safe haven.
Because they know Pilot and the SBPD will not do anything.

And there are no cameras in the back semi parking lot.

(Let’s hope that QUICKLY changes,
And they add cameras to their semi parking lot area.
For their customers protection and safety.)

There are only cameras on their property are located inside the store, and at the gas and diesel pumps.
And on the West side of the parking lot.

No cameras in the back semi parking lot area.
Where all the crimes are ongoing.
(Party Row)

They even now have a company policy enforced on 3rd shift.
No employees are allowed in the back semi parking lot overnights.

They can go outside near the gas pumps and diesel pumps.
And pick up the lot, do trash, and work on the pumps.

But cannot change the trash in the back semi parking lot.
For “Safety Reasons” 

That is EXACTLY why there are zero cameras in their semi parking lot.
No evidence, so they can deny it.

No proof, no witness, then it did not happen.
Then there is no negative PR.

These women are being raped and kidnapped and nobody is doing nothing about it.

The reason why the former employee, reached out to us and asked us if we could do the story.

To warn our community of the hidden dangers that have happened at the Pilot/Flying J
Are they are trying to cover up and deny.


If only, people would listen…

Things could be prevented, and people would be OK
And people would have been caught. 

But Pilot/Flying J chooses to have a positive image. 
And lie and deny. Lie and Deny

Hopefully after this is posted, things will change for the better.
And the Pilot/Flying J protects their customers in the future! 

And believes their employees, when they report things in the future! 

Stop these kidnappings and rapes on your property,
and all across America! 

And LISTEN when people report things!

On a positive note:

A good majority of the Over The Road Truckers are very nice people.
They work hard transporting their cargo from location to location.

Some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

But at the same time, there are some very dark individuals as well.

Like the one bragging about killing 7 women
and going to continue killing because he could get away with it.


  • If you are a woman: 
  • At all costs, AVOID the semi parking lot area!
  • Make sure you have at least 1 other person with you at all times.
  • Arm yourself
  • DO NOT DRINK OR EAT ANYTHING, that someone else buys you.
  • Make sure you keep your drinks in your hand at all times!
  • These suspects drug the women (At times, forcefully) and then kidnap them and use them as sex slaves!

And when reported to Pilot/Flying J,
Pilot/Flying J wrongfully fires their employees. 


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