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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Emergency Personnel Responded to an Accident Scene Near A Local Highway

Rockford Scanner™: Multiple Emergency Personnel Responded to an Accident Scene Near A Local Highway

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Note: There have been a lot of bad accidents in this area. 
Why are all these vehicles crashing near this location???  

Initial reports are saying that there is a bad accident. 
Sources are reporting a vehicle has crashed into the nearby ditch area. 
Unknown if it rolled or hit any trees.
It is reported to still be upright on all 4 wheels. 

First reports were saying that it happened around 1:35 am

In the general vicinity of: 
US 20, near the on ramp near Meridian. 

Bear with me on this. 
It sounds like the vehicle is in the ditch area. 
Near the ramp, On 20 in the Eastbound lanes near the Meridian exit. 

West Suburban FD, Blackhawk FD and New Milford FD’s
were all responding to the scene. 

Including MD1,
Which is a medical doctor that goes to bad accident scenes. 

There are reports of a female that is allegedly trapped inside the vehicle. 
Possibly 2 people inside the vehicle.
And extrication is being needed at the scene. 

Extrication = Jaws of Life

It was unknown on the severity of the injuries. 

This is still developing, please avoid the area. 

Keep everyone involved in your thoughts and prayers. 

UPDATE: Both patients out of the vehicle.


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