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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner™: Reports of several police that have their rifles pointed at a subject, in a local business parking lot

Rockford Scanner™: Reports of several police that have their rifles pointed at a subject, in a local business parking lot

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Breaking News

UPDATE: Wednesday June 5th 2024
(As an update to the large police presence yesterday afternoon/evening on E State Street we first told you about.)

We have learned that a man has been arrested after reportedly threatening security personnel at a Rockford Walmart yesterday afternoon/evening.

According to the Rockford Police Department, Abdulameer Abdulameer, 18, was previously banned from the Walmart store that’s located at 7219 Walton Street.

According to the criminal complaint, he visited the store around 5 pm on Tuesday, June 4th, and was told to leave the property by Walmart security.

Witnesses said Adbulameer then threatened to shoot the security guards and was grabbing at his waistband as he did so. (Like he had a weapon concealed)

Offical court documents said video surveillance showed Adbulameer leaving the store, getting into a car, and then getting back out and approaching a Walmart security guard in the parking lot, and threatening to shoot them.

Abdulameer allegedly raised his shirt in a manner “indicative of an individual flaunting a firearm,” police officials stated.

A Rockford Police officer who was approaching the scene spotted Abdulameer in a vehicle near the intersection of Buckley Drive and E. State Street, and described seeing Abdulameer pointing at him.

The officer followed the car to the parking lot of Home Goods, at 6630 E. State Street, and conducted a traffic stop.

Abdulameer Abdulameer taken into custody in parking lot of HomeGoods. Photo: Stephanie Anderson

Police and witnesses said Abdulameer’s mother and younger brother were in the car at the time of his arrest.
Authorities said no firearm was located on Abdulameer or in the vehicle.
There were no reports of anyone injured during this incident but it did give many people in the area very high anxiety.

Abdulameer was charged with Aggravated Assault on Public Property, Aggravated Assault of a Private Security Officer, Criminal Trespass, and Disorderly Conduct, all are misdemeanor charges.

(All charges are merely allegations and he is considered innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law)

Reports of several police that have their rifles pointed at a subject,

in a local business parking lot. 

Details are still dynamic. 

Initial reports are saying that numerous police officers have their guns drawn on a subject. 

It is alleged to be in the parking lot of Home Goods. 

Many people are reported to be locked in the nearby stores, for safety purposes. 

Rockford police have their rifles drawn and we were told this is an alleged standoff. 

This sounds like a very dangerous situation. 

Avoid the area. Still developing. 

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