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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Paranormal : Large Hairy Unknown Creature Sighted in Winnebago County

Rockford Paranormal : Large Hairy Unknown Creature Sighted in Winnebago County

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Large Creature Sighted in Winnebago County

Come on in, turn the lights down low, sit down and kick your feet up and take a sip of your favorite beverage.
Please have an open mind. Remember, just because it did not happen to you. Does not mean that it did not happen.

Recently several people have reached out to Rockford Scanner in reference to witnessing some type of large creature roaming in the fields of NW Winnebago County.
We have tried to work the story. However, the local police have refused to comment. And the animal control said they have not had any reports; and if they did they were not allowed to tell us. The things that make you go hmmm…  So, we are not able to confirm anything. Other than several people reporting similar incidents.  We will post a few of them below.
Remember that the stories are copy/pasted and edited.

RS source J. P. : ” My husband and I were driving along Route 2 near Roscoe rd when all of a sudden, I saw something I cannot describe. My husband was driving, and I was in the passenger seat looking out the window. A lot of the fields had their crops already harvested. So, I was able to see quite a bit.  It was just as the sun was setting and there was still plenty of daylight out. We were driving along, and I happened to notice a very large dark creature standing on 2 legs moving through the field.

At first, I thought what in the heck is that thing? 

I thought it may have been a person, then a bear. But I knew that it was not either of those! 

This was a very large hairy man, that resembled what people call BIGFOOT. I know this sounds crazy, but I know what I saw.

My husband witnessed it as well. This large creature was walking on two legs.
It had hair all over its body, dark hair but had an Orangish tint to it.  The face was man like but had hair in some areas. 

I had a pretty good look at it. It was maybe approx. 100 feet from the roadway moving in the field with no obstructions in my line of sight. 

The creature was walking, but it had large strides. The sighting only lasted maybe 30 seconds or so.

Long enough to witness the large creature and get my husband’s attention for he can see it too. ” 

RS Source A. K. : ” I tried to tell my family and friends. But they all do not believe me.

I noticed you post similar content on your website. That is why I am reaching out to you. I hope that you believe me.

The other night I was driving on Trask Bridge rd, near the curve where it turns into Center rd. 

The sun was setting off to my side.  I had just gone around the curve, and I noticed approx. 500 feet or so in front of me near the wooded area.

Sorry, this is where it is hard for me. Because nobody believes me.

I saw something that I can only describe as a sasquatch.  I was driving North on Trask Bridge. The wooded area was off to my right side. 

It came out of those woods and crossed the road in front of me!

It was a very large hairy man that cleared the road in two steps!
This is a 2-lane road and as it crossed, it only took two steps, and it was across the road!

I have no idea how tall it was. If I had to estimate it may have been approx. 8 feet tall or so!

It had dark hair all over its body.
I do not know if it was because of the sunset or not, but it appeared to have had an orange tint to its hair.

The face resembled a man, but I knew it was not a man!

I stopped my truck in the road and tried to get my cell phone out to video it.
By the time I was able to pull my cellphone out, it had already moved into the treeline on my left side and out of sight. 

I sat there for a few seconds trying to reflect on what I saw and to see if I could see it again so I could film it.

But another vehicle came around the curve, so I had to take off.  I know what I saw!” 

As you know in the past, there have been several bears that have traveled through the same area.
Click here to read the official WCSO release on a recent bear sighting in Winnebago County.
Bears do walk on two legs at times. However, these witnesses said this large hairy creature was not a bear.
And both firmly believed that it was alleged to be a large hairy man, or better known as Bigfoot.

According to the Official Bigfoot Research Organization, there have been one official bigfoot sighting report in Winnebago County.
We have had 2 reports to RS, in the last few days! We have talked to both of these witnesses.
And we recommended them to reach out to the BFRO to report their alleged sightings to them.

Below are a few reports on the BFRO in our immediate area.

According to BFRO: 

The only official bigfoot sighting report in Winnebago County happened: 

YEAR: 1994


MONTH: October

DATE: 22

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Winnebago County

LOCATION DETAILS: Near the bridge where Interstate 39 crosses the Kishwaukee River.


NEAREST ROAD: Cave Drive near Interstate 39

OBSERVED: someone should call me about this….i have a great deal of information to relate…..autumn night….weather was warm but very foggy….area was at my house which was in a glen near the Kishwaukee river. very dense forest area within a couple hundred yards. figure DID NOT look like a big hairy ape…..very tall, slender and very large eyes…color appeared simialar to a local deer. was hiding behind tree watching me…

I have extremely good hearing and night vision. it made noise as i was getting into a car. with the door of the car open i reached in and turned on the headlamps. it was peeking around a tree….it froze in the light but recovered quickly. we made eye contact which it held for several long seconds. it then turned and ran…within 3 or 4 strides it was able to hurdle a 5-6 foot fencing without breaking stride.

I was able to watch it run for several hundred feet, although my vision was hampered by the fog. at that time i worked from home in my garage often at night and had heard many odd things before and after. contact me for further information…i believe this creature to still exist and i plan on looking for it this summer. I would be pleased to talk your organization, however i would prefer not to have this sighting listed just yet.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: approx.10:00-10:30pm

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stan Courtney:

I spoke with the witness, who is an avid outdoorsman, by phone.

The animal was observed from a distance of 30 feet.

The following descriptions of the animal can be added to the report:

• The animal was between 6 and 8 feet tall and weighed about 250 pounds.
• Had a muscular build with a shoulder width 25% greater than a man’s.
• Closely cropped hair was grayish tan in color, similar to a deer.

– Nose was broad, neither animal-like nor humanoid but somewhere in between.
– Eyes were large, and the lips were wide and thick.
– Facial skin was light tan in color.
– Arms were longer than a man’s.
– Its movement as it ran was very fluid and graceful.

BFRO Report 19910: Nighttime sighting by property owner near Kishwaukee River.

An alleged sighting in Stephenson County: YEAR: 2003


MONTH: October

DATE: 26

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Stephenson County

LOCATION DETAILS: It was in my 5 acre timber I own west of Illinois Route 73 south of Pearl City, Illinois.


NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Route 73

OBSERVED: I live in Freeport, Illinois in a trailer pk. I was out bow hunting in my timber I own. When I got up in my tree stand at about 6:50 a.m. while it was still dark, hoping a deer would come in right at light. I heard something come up under my tree, and it was breathing real hard. At first, I thought it was a big deer at first, it stood at the base of my tree a good 10 minutes and left to my south-east. I could hear it walking away.

About 7:10 to 7:15 am it was foggy, not real bad, a light fog, real thin. It was about 50 degrees out and fairly light by now.
I have good eyes and looking for deer, when I noticed this big human like figure. It was about 100 yards away from me. It walked to the east at a fast pace. I think it heard me go to my tree-stand. It knew I was in the tree.

It acted like it was scared, I think I was more terrified when I heard its breathing under my tree then when I saw it walking. I tell my friends, and they think I am nuts. I’m not, I know when I see something like that, I did not believe in big-foot until I seen it that morning. I also seen large foot-prints in certain areas but never told anyone. I seen them for about 2 years after my sighting. Thank you.

ALSO NOTICED: Heavy breathing under my tree stand when I was up in it bow hunting when dark yet. And seen a huge man like about 7.5 feet tall , looked hairy , just after the sun came up, about 100 yards away, it was walking away from me on my neighbors land. It scared me to see how big it was, and I was happy to be up in my tree-stand, about 25 feet up. It stood and walked like a human but it was huge. It was a little foggy but I seen it clearly.


OTHER STORIES: Not really, Every once in a while i will see some weird foot prints out there though. There 5 toes and about 16 inches long.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was a little foggy and warm, about 50 degrees. The sun was up for about 15 minutes when I seen it walking.

ENVIRONMENT: I have 80 foot hickory and oak trees. Also I have a lawn of about an acre which is clear, where I’m going to build a new home in the future. I have timber all around me where other neighbors live, probably about 100 acres around my timber.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stan Courtney:

I spoke with the witness by phone.

The following details can be added to the report:
– The animal was about seven and a half feet tall and weighed 350 and 400 pounds.
– It had a muscular build, with huge shoulders.
– The head was large and somewhat pointed towards the rear.
– Because of the distance he was not able to make out any facial details.
– The hair was light brown in color and about two inches long.
– The arms were long, it held one arm up and somewhat in towards the body.
– Upon descending from his tree stand the witness was able to follow the footprints as they left the tree stand area and proceeded to the east.
– The footprints were between sixteen and seventeen inches long.
– The footprints were about five inches in diameter at the ball and four inches at the heal.

BFRO Report 15347: Deer hunter has early morning sighting from tree stand near Pearl City

Two alleged sightings in Ogle County:


YEAR: 1965


MONTH: October

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Ogle County

LOCATION DETAILS: Five miles south of Oregon on Illinois Rt 2.


NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Route 2

OBSERVED: I would love to talk to you about things that happen to me back in the 60’s south of Oregon, IL. along Rock River. I do believe it was maybe a Bigfoot.

I was raised in the Oregon, Illinois area. We had a place out where Castle Rock State Park is today. In the spring of 1960 I was 9 years old. One night about midnight we heard this terrible screaming coming from the woods. There was also this horrible smell. My dad went outside with his gun but did not find anything. This thing always came around in the spring and fall like it was migrating. He told my mom that he had no idea what it was.

Then in 1965 I was 14 years old. This time it was in the fall. My dad had died and my sister had a trailer house that had been pulled onto the lot.I was baby sitting when I could hear this thing screaming. It was coming up the river making this horrible screaming sound.

It kept getting closer to the trailer. We could hear it walking back and forth behind the trailer screaming. Then it hit the sides of the trailer four or five times. My mother yelled for me to shoot the gun and scare it away. I opened the door and shot one time. We didn’t hear it anymore that night. As a kid we were always getting these weird feelings in the woods and the feeling of being watched.

Also sometimes when you had the feeling something was watching you there would be this flash of movement out of the side of your eye. Never would get a good look at it just that flash. Whenever it was around the dogs would act strange and sometimes block you from going into the woods while growling. I remember this would make Mother very uneasy and she would say its back. So you just didn’t go into the woods.

After that fall night and being mad because the trailer was where the chicken coop use to be. Also the first time with the yelling while Dad was still alive they were mad because we moved in after the house was empty for about 10 years. Then as Dad cleared the land they let us know that they were not happy with this. The ground that was cleared was a valley leading to the Rock River about 1/4 mile away.

You also could walk under Route 2 as there was a small bridge over the valley for spring run off. So they could walk to the river for water and no one would be able to see them until Dad cleared the land. Well after Dad died I had started to work on farms to help Mom out and pay my way so I spent less time in the woods. I had felt that what ever it was had left. Maybe they accepted us from then on and just left us alone. I think they would maybe keep watch on us and do things to mess with us without us knowing who.

I remember camping one time with some friends and after taking a hike we found potatoes and bacon missing from the camp site and not knowing who took it.

This happened more then once when I got the chance to camp out with food missing. We always thought it was some person stealing the food. But couldn’t figure out who because we would be camping a good mile into the woods and you wouldn’t know we were there unless you fell over the tent. Maybe they were messing with us and we were too dumb to know it.

I’m coming to terms with all the weird stuff that happened back then. After reading other stories I feel bigfoot was behind all the weird stuff that went on. At first they let us know they were unhappy with what we were doing. And then on just messed with are heads every so often. It took me about ten years to reach out to somebody about what had happened.

OTHER WITNESSES: My mother, my dad


cool and clear

ENVIRONMENT: heavy woods, Rock River

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stan Courtney:

I spoke with the witness by phone.

In summary:

The witnesses could hear the screaming in the distance as it got closer to the home
The witness and his mother could hear the animal walking back and forth behind the trailer while it continued to scream
The animal hit the sides of the trailer four or five times
The father had previously torn down a chicken house and positioned the trailer home on the same site
The father had also been clearing some of the land behind their home and the river
BFRO Report 40475: Memory told of strange occurrences while growing up near Castle Rock State Park


YEAR: 2010

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: February

DATE: 28

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Ogle County



OBSERVED: I will try to make this short. I live in Illinois in a rural area, my house is set in the woods and seeing wildlife from the kitchen window is pretty standard. Its middle winter and the visibility into the woods is much better than summer.

Anyway its not uncommon to get glimpses of deer running through the woods farther back in the woods at this time of year with the better visibility , although its just that glimpses. So a few days ago in the middle of the day I witnessed some deer running at a rapid pace back in the woods I wasnt able to get a good look at them , but they were running fast , like I said the visibility wasnt great , but I saw what I thought was a larger upright looking animal chasing behind the deer. I jokingly said to my mom who was trying to see what i was watching “its a bigfoot” not really believing that I got a good enough look to concur it was anything.

Then today my mom told me she was walking the dog in the woods and found a huge piece of poop with fur in it… I just wanted to pass this info along to you incase it interest you .. I live in gran detour illinois , I searched some sites and in the 70’s there were casting of footprints made in the area…contact me with any questions

OTHER STORIES: footprints near lowell park

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Afternoon, Clear, cool with snow on ground.

ENVIRONMENT: The area is rural forested with some rolling hills and farming areas. This area is also located near the Rock River.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Rob Lowery:

March 5, 2010 I contacted the witness by phone. We spoke for approximately 45 minutes. A day was set up to meet at the witness’ home to look the area over.

March 14, 2010 I met with him at his home and he showed me the the area of the sighting. The time of the sighting was approximately 1 pm and lasted for approximately 10 seconds. He noticed deer running at a high rate of speed from the NE to SW at approximately 75 to 100 yards from his home. In trail, he noticed this much larger brown bipedal “animal” chasing the deer. Also noticed was the fast fluid gate of this bipedal animal. I asked if it could have been a person flushing the deer, and considering the terrain and the gait and the fact it was keeping up with the deer he was sure it was not a person.

Also noted there are many game trails in the area. The terrain is thick with plenty of dead fall around. The Rock River is within a half mile of this location and heavily wooded with some farming areas nearby.

More information on the casting of footprints found in the area referenced by this witness can be read in our Media Article #598.

I found the witness to be credible and sincere with what he saw.

BFRO Report 27387: Large unknown bipedal animal seen possibly chasing deer near Dixon


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