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Rockford Scanner » TV Stations Breaking into Programming, For Weather Alerts. This is going to be one of those highly debated topics.

TV Stations Breaking into Programming, For Weather Alerts. This is going to be one of those highly debated topics.

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This is going to be one of those highly debated topics.  

Everyone be kind and open to other people’s opinions. 

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This post is because: 

  • Because I need help trying to understand this.
    Why are people getting mad about this topic?
  • Also, to educate myself and the rest of our community.
    If I am wrong, prove to me that I am wrong and maybe I will change my opinion. 
  • Many people have reached out to me in regard to this topic.
  • And I also wanted to hear everyone’s opinion


I will begin this by flat out telling you my opinion: 

I do know one thing; I am VERY APPRECIATIVE for local TV stations.
Breaking into their programming to save my life and the community.

The weather people provide our community with potentially lifesaving alerts.

I will always fully support the TV stations for doing this!

I hope they continue to break into their programming, to possibly save our lives.
Thank You!

And this is where people need to educate me…


Many people have reached out to me and expressed their opinions about this topic.

I am just baffled as to why people are truly mad that local TV stations break into their programming.

And interrupting your favorite TV shows because of the potentially lifesaving weather alerts.




I can see the headlines now: 
“Dumbass dies because they choose to watch “Celebrity Boxing.”  
Instead of choosing to take lifesaving precautionary measures.”

That is SOOO Rockford.
I can definitely see that headline happening!
You know I am right…

Think about this…
People are actually angry, because:

  • You choose to watch TV.
  • You choose to watch their programming.
  • You choose to get upset, because the weather person chooses to attempt to save your life. Are you seriously upset?
    Because that weather person is trying to save you and the rest of the community’s life.
    By breaking into the programming of your favorite tv show “Celebrity Boxing”,
    and proving a potentially lifesaving alert to you and our community.

I will flat out tell you.
I FULLY SUPPORT the TV stations for doing this.

To me, that weather person is providing you and our community common courtesy and being a true hero.
That weather person is trying to save your life. 

I find it baffling that some people think they would risk their life,
by watching “Celebrity Boxing”

Instead of trying to save their life.
And possibly save the life of their family and friends.

Same concept:
So, Trigger Alert… 


That is like your friend watching a city bus drive down the roadway.
And you are about to walk out in front of the bus.
(I can only imagine why you’re not paying attention…)

And your friend not saying anything to you about the bus coming,
and then letting you get hit by the bus…

Would you rather have been safe and alive?
Because your friend told you to watch out for that bus.

Or would you have rather have the other outcome, and be dead?
Because your friend saw it coming and chose not to say anything
And then you got splattered by the bus.

Same concept… 

Am I missing something here???  

WHY are people literally upset about
TV stations breaking into their programming?
To provide us potentially lifesaving information. 

Please comment and let us know how you feel?

Do you feel I am wrong?
I fully support the TV stations,
for breaking in and trying to save my life and our community.

Keep up the great work!!!

Why do you feel the TV stations, should NOT break into their programming?
To provide potentially lifesaving alerts…

Tell us how you feel in the comments…


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