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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a 2nd shooting victim scene in Rockford tonight.

Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a 2nd shooting victim scene in Rockford tonight.

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Update from Rockford PD:

On Friday, November 17, 2023, at approximately 1:05 a.m., Rockford
Police officers heard shots fired near the 1300 block of Evelyn Street. When officers arrived to the
area, they observed a 29-year-old man lying in the roadway suffering from a gunshot wound to
his torso. He was transported to a local hospital for his life-threatening injury and is listed in
critical condition. Witnesses advised that the victim was shot after an argument in the street with
an adult female, later identified as Arianna Hawkins. Hawkins fled the scene in her vehicle. A
short time later, the vehicle was observed driving on Auburn Street and with the assistance of the
Loves Park Police Department and Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office, the vehicle was stopped,
and Hawkins was taken into custody. She was subsequently lodged in the County Jail.
After a review of the facts of the case, The Winnebago County State’s Attorney’s Office
authorized the charges listed below.

Arianna Hawkins, 26, Rockford

Attempted Murder

Aggravated Battery with a Firearm
Aggravated Unlawful Use of a Weapon

There has been a second shooting in Rockford tonight.

Sources are reporting a second shooting scene.

This one also happened overnight.

Shortly after the first one.
You can find more info out about that one, scroll down.

it is unknown if these two scenes are connected or are separate incidents.
Rockford police are investigating both scenes.

This shooting happened on Evelyn just south of Auburn.

Initial reports are saying at least two gunshots were fired.

Numerous Rockford police officers were on scene.

A light-colored vehicle was parked on the east side of Evelyn and had the passenger side door open.
It appeared to be stains, what might have been blood on the passenger seat.

Rockford Police Department had crime scene tape put up all around the block.

Multiple Rockford police squads were on Auburn.

Officers were talking to possible witnesses in the area.

There was an alleged police chase in the same area.
Unknown if the chase was connected to either shooting.

If you have any video footage or photos:

Rockford police have released a little bit information on this shooting.

Thank you Rockford Police Department.

There is a heavy police presence in the 1300 block of Evelyn St for a shooting investigation.
An adult male has suffered at least one gunshot wound and has been transported for treatment.
Please avoid the area while we process the scene.

rickie, traeger, rickie traeger, traeger, photography, stringer, photographer, rockford photrography, Rockford Illinois Police Work A Shooting Scene in November 2023
Rockford Illinois Police Work A Shooting Scene , November 2023


The 29-year-old male victim from the shooting on Evelyn Street has succumbed to his gunshot wound.

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First shooting scene,
Unknown if they are connected or are separate incidents.

An adult female was shot in the 500 block of Fairview and is currently being treated at a local hospital.
Please avoid the area while we investigate. Further details will follow when available.


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