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Rockford Scanner » Update: Suspects Fight the Scare Actors at the Arvidson Tunnel of Terror

Update: Suspects Fight the Scare Actors at the Arvidson Tunnel of Terror

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Update from the Arvidson Tunnel of Terror:

Well where do I start. I’m sure most of you have seen all the fb news stories about the large fight so here it goes. Last night has to be the most insane night I’ve ever had doing the tunnel.

In the 8-9 years I’ve done this I’ve seen people of all races, ages, backgrounds, you name it they have come thru. All very appreciative of what we do. Free family fun for everyone. A safe place to bring your family and have a good time. Enjoy some laughs, a few scares and get some candy to end your night. Many even enjoy going thru a few times.

Well last night apparently some grown ass adults and their old enough to know better teenage (I’m assuming) kids decided to ruin all of that. It was almost closing time about 950ish. Car pulls up. No one else here. Adults are starting to put away the candy and popcorn machine. I’m working the front door as always. 4 teens 2 boys 2 girls go thru.

One was a little more scared but went. They come out being chased by the chainsaw per usual. No one else here so he runs after for a few min. In the meantime parents are in the car…other kids go to the car. Everyone in the car is laughing. After the chase down the street the parents leave to to pick the kid up. My child along with a few others from the tunnel walk back home. We stand there laughing and talking. Next thing I know a car pulls up…the same car that just left.

Dad gets out…yes BIG grown ass man…tell my son…who’s 16….that it’s over and he’s cussing at him. What does any kid do they talk back and I’m sorry but rightfully so he’s being threatened. Myself, his father and several other adults all step in and tell the man and car full of people to leave several times. He starts to go to the car as we r thinking it’s over the mother and another girl get out of the car coming at my child.

She’s cussing at him calling him names and threatening him I step out from the fence said something to her as did he and an all out mf brawl happens. She punched my child in the head she was then dealt with. The other girl also attempted to go after him. The others got out of the car and it was 6 of them on all of us.

As we try to pull apart people because seriously people we don’t want any of this shit. We want to have fun scare people and go home safe and sound. No grown adults should put their hands on minors for any reason. They proceeded to continue to fight everyone. Hurting several people and even so bad they had to leave by ambulance. They destroyed my Fencing and lights and I’m not sure what else til I can go out in the daylight and actually see. I’m going to do my best to try to fix everything by halloween.

We did get their plate number and gave that to the police when they finally showed up. This was a good at least 5 min or more brawl. Non stop. So much going on at once. There was a younger actor here who was shoved around. His mother was hit. The grown ass man had someone in a choke hold. Like serious people WHAT IN THE ACTUAL FK IS WRONG WITH YOU. And why did all this happen?

All because the kid was chased out of rhe haunted house?

R u fkn serious?

Go to any haunted house and I promise you the EXACT same thing will happen.

The people don’t live around here. They r from rockford somewhere. Unfortunately they may have ruined this for good.

I had spoken with the police prior to the tunnel opening and they told me they would up the police presence during the nights we were open. Sadly not one officer drove by any of the 4 nights. 1st one I saw was when we called 911. That also was being done right away and still took them some time to come. The reports of pages saying 20 person fight was not an exaggeration.

Those people came out looking for a fight and the sad part was the mother yes I said mother and one of the other girls are the ones who threw the 1st punch and prior to were told these are all minors leave..more then once…didn’t care and started swinging. A grown ass mother swinging on my 16 year old son. That’s not ok. She was put in her place but she kept on going. People need to do better.

The police were going to talk to the people because they left b4 the cops got here.

Some mf better get arrested I’ll tell you that much because there are about 6 or 7 people pressing charges against them.

We do this for the love of Halloween. This year I built this 97% by myself. Day in and day out for weeks. Thru the heat and the rain. The sweat and the blood and lots of cuss words mostly fk cuz its my favorite 😉 but seriously I’m getting old. I don’t have to do body sure says so but I want to do this.

I love seeing my kid and his friends scare the kids, chase them and see them laugh and says OMG that was so fun let’s go again.

Next year I’m gonna have to think long and hard because after the behavior last night it’s not worth the grief.

I now have to try to make new stuff because I’m pretty sure it’s damaged beyond repair. Halloween is in 2 days. I guess we shall see. I just wanted you all to know what actually happened.

I’m sorry that some savage assholes ruin everything.
Halloween night we will be open from 5-8 but after that the tunnel may be a distant memory 🥺

I’ve had a few people reach out and ask my to post my cashapp and or paypal because they wanted to donate to help fix the damage. I do appreciate all of the love and support for all of you it really does mean alot. I love doing this and it sucks you get asshole savages that ruin things. I’m doing this to have fun and bring joy not so people can come and act like fkn fools. If anyone would like to make me a few new fence panels I’d totally love you forever. I could use maybe 4 8 foot sections. It’s literally good 1×2 and pvc. The majority of the pvc is still good and can be reused but a few of the pcs were broken. I posted a few pics

My cashapp is $3Megan2
Paypal is

For those who asked me to post them but please don’t feel that it’s necessary
Also Halloween night we will be open 5-8 for maybe the last time so if you’re in line at 8 I’ll stay open til the line is done. We will have LOTS of candy and fun things to pass out to all of you wonderful people. And I do appreciate every single one of you! Much love and happy Haunting 👻🧡🖤🧡🖤👻


Sources are reporting a scene in Machesney Park.

It happened just before 10 pm.

In the 1300 block of Arvidson.

Initial reports are saying that approx. 20 people were fighting/disorderly.

Two people needed medical attention.
One person was transported via ambulance.
Another was injured but refused transport.

Unknown if any arrests were made.

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