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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner : Rockford Alderman Karen Hoffman, Meeting Minutes on Bringing Chicago Residents To Rockford…

Rockford Scanner : Rockford Alderman Karen Hoffman, Meeting Minutes on Bringing Chicago Residents To Rockford…

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Our Opinion:
What May Have Allegedly Happened.

Based on the current information
That has currently been provided to us.

city of Rockford
Karen Hoffman
Important things to mention:
* After we posted this, the City of Rockford DELETED their content.
They are trying to erase any proof of this happening.
The minutes, were DELETED!!!
* Karen said the meeting was held in a private meeting.
We firmly believe that this meeting should have been PUBLIC.
Anything to do with an elected, EL:ECTED official, should be PUBLIC.
Not behind closed doors, especially when it comes to stuff like this.
It concerns our community, correct?
Then why the secrecy???
* Karen is backpedaling now, along with the City of Rockford.
Since we made this public, trying to spin this in their favor.

The original meeting minutes, the City of Rockford deleted.
After Karen was called out, the City of Rockford deleted this and other things on their website.
To cover their asses.

Alderman Karen Hoffman, Ward 8 (Rolling Green neighborhood) is now backpedaling after we called her out on her BS.
This is now her official explanation on bringing people from Chicago, to Rockford…
Please note:
After we posted the original, the City of Rockford is covering up their tracks, and have deleted the original meetings on their website.
Funny, it was public. Then I called you out, and now poof, it all disappeared…
Guess what Karen, Your BS is going to stop.
No wonder why Rolling Green got so bad.
You allow this shit to happen, and then deny your wrongdoings, for what, votes????
Good thing for screenshots.
You can keep denying your BS. Here’s the proof.
Wonder why the meeting was held in a private meeting?
When something like this, should be held in a public meeting…
It concerns our community, correct???
It should be PUBLIC…
Here’s the proof…

She clearly states:

* The Purpose: Money

* Who: Chicago Residents

Move Chicago residents out of Chicago, to Rockford.

* She also clearly states “We have a developer”

* And that the Public Housing Authority needs to “Absorb the voucher”
Need I say anymore….
Funny, the City of Rockford,
Preach about “Public Safety” & “Being Transparent”
She clearly states the meeting was held in a private meeting.
I personally believe anything to do with Rockford, at any meeting from public officials. SHOULD BE PUBLIC…
They spend MILLIONS of tax payer money, to lie and hide information from our community.
And preach “Transparency & Public Safety” and then pull this BS…
City of Rockford finest… liars
Keep on talking shit about me and RS,
because you got caught…
Karen Hoffman
Karen Hoffman, City Of Rockford Alderman meeting minutes, bringing Chicago residents to Rockford
Karen Hoffman, City Of Rockford Alderman meeting minutes, bringing Chicago residents to Rockford

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