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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner : Several Officers Racing To An Alleged Major Scene in South Beloit

Rockford Scanner : Several Officers Racing To An Alleged Major Scene in South Beloit

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Our Opinion; On What Allegedly May Have Happened
Based on the current information that has been provided to us

Several Officers Racing To An Alleged Major Scene in South Beloit


Gotta love that police encryption…
Community is possibly in danger.
And silence from police.
Silence is deafening…

Just think of all the eyes and ears the community could provide the police.
And make their jobs soooo much easier. And turning in the alleged suspects.

But police choose to encrypt, hide and lie to our community.
Sad, A lot of community members want to help.

But police gave us all the middle finger,
and said they were doing their jobs alone and encrypted.

And continue to lie to the community about their reasoning for encryption.
Nothing to see here folks… Crime is down.

Don’t mind these 50+ officers here….

Update from sources:
Police possibly searching for a man and a woman in that area.
Unknown races. The man was wearing a white shirt, and the woman was believed to be wearing glasses.
Police have not released any info to confirm this. Or any suspect info.

Numerous police officers from multiple jurisdictions are racing to a scene.

Police are encrypted, and have not released any information.

But based on the reports we have gotten,
The community is possibly in danger.



There are reports of upwards of 50+ officers working an “unknown” scene.

Whatever happened, must be huge.

Because tons of officers went racing to the scene.
Reports saying officers were traveling well over 100 MPH.

Many of the reports said the scene is alleged to be at or near a business at 251 and Prairie Hill.

Police have chosen to encrypt, and not to release any information yet.

We can only confirm TONS of police on scene.

So use your imagination as to what may have happened.

If you live in the area, arm yourselves.

Because whatever happened, is HUGE
LOTS of police…

Community members are reporting a dark colored SUV had crashed in a nearby ditch.
Sounds like this may have been a police chase, and the suspects fled.
And there is a large perimeter in the area.
Obviously nothing is confirmed.


Update #2:

Two people a male and female were allegedly caught attempting to burglarize a business.
They got in a vehicle and ran from police crashing into a ditch at 251 and prairie hill. Both subjects took off on foot. Police searching now.


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