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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner : Unconfirmed reports that a victim shot at an alleged burglar in Rockford

Rockford Scanner : Unconfirmed reports that a victim shot at an alleged burglar in Rockford

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Current information that has been provided to us



Brief Synopsis on what may
have allegedly have happened…


First and foremost:
Rockford pd have not released any info to confirm this.
However, there is a police call log that does confirm the shots fired part.
And that we recommend you calling police, not taking things into your own hands.

However, people are tired of being victims and police not doing anything.
And many have taken a stance against police, and vowed vengeance.
From what we are being told, this is another one of those alleged incidents.

But Rockford PD have not released any info to confirm this.

It happened overnight on Colosseum Drive

Unconfirmed reports said some suspects were breaking into nearby houses and cars.

A victim allegedly shot at one of the alleged suspects.

Sources said there was blood at the scene, but no body.

AS nearby neighbor called in shots fired.

If police release any info, we will update this


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