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Rockford Scanner » Do you enjoy making graphics/banners?

Do you enjoy making graphics/banners?

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Are you bored and enjoy making graphics/banners?





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Good morning everyone.
I am reaching out to our amazing fans and I am going to ask for some help.

I used to think asking for help was a bad thing.
But I recently learned, that it is OK to ask for help.
So here it goes…


When I created Rockford Scanner.
My intent was to provide an easy way to push content out fast.
And that has worked out well for many years.
I never thought of it as a beauty contest. 

When I visit websites, I go for the main course.
Not the dessert.
I careless about all the flashy banners and ads.
Because I am there to learn something new.

To be fair, many people are not like me.
And many people enjoy the flashy ads and content.

I never put much thought into the beauty aspect of it.

Quick note
A good motto for many to live by: 

True beauty is within…

So, I never looked at really spicing things up.

Many have said the website is crappy looking.
OK, They may have used a bit of colorful language… LOL
But I made a promise to myself, not to cuss anymore.
So, I will just say use your imagination…

And it got me thinking.
You know what… They are right!

And if you are willing to take several minutes of your day to visit my website.
I am extremely thankful and grateful.
You deserve my full attention, and I hope to make things better.

Sadly, This is where I need everyone’s help.
I can not spice up the site with fancy banners/graphics, because….
I really, really… suck at making banners/graphics.

So, I am going to ask our amazing fans!

Do you enjoy  making banner/graphics?
If you are bored sometime in the future.
Can you design some banner/graphics for us?

We are not picky at all. Get creative and have fun doing it.
Common sizes will work. FB Cover, Typical Banners, etc…

Whatever you want to design, we are thankful and grateful for.
Thank You!

Be sure to add your watermark to it.
Free Advertising for you! 🙂

I think we as a community should not be afraid to ask for help.
And to lend that extra hand to others.
Making positive changes within our community.
And have fun doing it…


A special shout out to everyone who does send in their graphics.

Thank you in advance for your donation!

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Thank you in advance for your donation!

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