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Rockford Scanner » Tragic News in Dekalb: Alleged Suspect Killed A 15 year Old Girl, Then Disposes Her Body In A Nearby Dumpster

Tragic News in Dekalb: Alleged Suspect Killed A 15 year Old Girl, Then Disposes Her Body In A Nearby Dumpster

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Alleged Suspect Killed A 15 year Old Girl In Dekalb,
Then Disposes Her Body In A Nearby Dumpster


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(Notice the transparency other police departments provide their citizens) 

Update: Charges Filed in Homicide Investigation

On the evening of 5/6/23, the DeKalb Police Department was notified about a 15-year-old female from
DeKalb who had not been seen by family members since the evening of 5/4/23. Phone records indicated
she had been at 536 College Avenue in DeKalb on 5/4/23.

An investigation led to police finding the body of the missing female in a dumpster on the afternoon of
5/7/23, on a property adjacent to 536 College Avenue. Various search warrants were conducted, and
evidence led to a suspect being detained on 5/7/23 and formally charged on 5/8/23.

The suspect is currently in police custody.
He is undergoing a necessary medical procedure at an area
hospital before being admitted to jail.

Victim: Gracie A. Sasso-Cleveland, F/W, Age 15 of DeKalb.
Suspect: Timothy M. Doll, M/B, Age 29 of 536 College Avenue in DeKalb.

• First Degree Murder (2 counts)
• Aggravated Criminal Sex Abuse
• Concealment of a Homicide
• Aggravated Domestic Battery
• Obstruction of Justice (2 counts)
• Unlawful Restraint
• Unlawful Communication by a Child Sex Offender

Doll is currently on probation for a prior Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse case from 2020. He was in
compliance as a registered sex offender, having recently registered with the DeKalb Police Department on

The investigation determined that Doll was in a dating relationship with the victim. On the evening of
5/4/23, Doll and the victim had argued and then he held the victim down and suffocated her with a pillow
until she lost consciousness, to which she did not recover. He later put her body in the dumpster,
removed her personal items from his apartment, and threw her phone away in the garbage at another
location. The official cause of death was determined on 5/8/23 as asphyxiation by the Coroner’s Office.

The DeKalb County Major Case Squad was activated for this investigation. The DeKalb Police Department would like to thank the DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office and Sycamore Police Department for their assistance as part of the Major Case Squad, which involved a number of detectives and officers working around the clock this past weekend. Thanks also to the DeKalb County State’s Attorney’s Office and DeKalb County Coroner’s Office for their assistance and participation in this case.

Through this tragedy, the DeKalb Police Department and the family of the victim would like to stress the importance for parents and guardians to know their children’s whereabouts, who they are with, and the nature of their activities. As a community, always call the police if you hear or see things that are suspicious in nature, especially if someone’s wellbeing is possibly at stake. Additionally, there is no need to wait a certain period of time to report a missing person. There are also a number of community resources that can assist someone who is in an abusive relationship, including the Police Department, Safe Passage, and Family Service Agency.

If you see something, say something!
**All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty**
If you witnessed this incident or have any information that can help with this investigation, please contact the DeKalb Police Department.


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