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Rockford Scanner » Positive News: Congrats to the several officers who graduated. Look forward to seeing you on the streets soon!

Positive News: Congrats to the several officers who graduated. Look forward to seeing you on the streets soon!

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Congrats to the several officers who graduated.
Look forward to seeing you on the streets soon!

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  • RPD: Congrats to Assistant Deputy Chief Gallagher and Assistant Deputy Chief Torrance
    on their graduation earlier today from the Northwestern School of Police Staff and Command.
  • RPD: CONGRATS ARE IN ORDER: Congratulations to our three new police academy graduates!
    They’ll spend the next few weeks in-house training, and after that, they’ll head out with their Field Training Officers.
    Welcome home grads!
  • SBPD: Congratulations to Sergeant James Sanders for successfully completing one of the most challenging
    and rewarding law enforcement management programs in the nation!
    Today he graduated from the ten week Northwestern University, Center for Public Safety,
    School of Police Staff and Command. Well done Sergeant Sanders!
  • WCSO: CONGRATULATIONS: Today, we congratulate six new Deputies that have graduated from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Police Training Institute.
    They will now return to Winnebago County to begin County School.
    Thank you for choosing to serve Winnebago County and keeping our community safe.
    L-R, Deputies Brian Johnson, Vincent Christidis, Allison Richmond, Samantha Doyle, Michael Marcus and Adel Turkes.

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