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Rockford Scanner » Two Community Groups Receive IDHS Grants to Reduce Community Violence Two Community Groups Receive IDHS Grants to Reduce Community Violence

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Two Community Groups Receive IDHS Grants to Reduce Community Violence


ROCKFORD, Ill. – Two community groups – Get Connected and Comprehensive Community Solutions – recently received grants administered by the Office of Firearms Violence Prevention of the Illinois Department of Human Services.

“We want to congratulate both of these organizations, who serve on our Grassroots Team,” says Jennifer Cacciapaglia, Executive Director of the Mayor’s Office of Domestic and Community Violence Prevention. “Our Grassroots Team really helps to inform the work of this office and ensure that we are tackling real issues to support our youth and address violence.”

Get Connected received a Greater Illinois Reimagine Violence Prevention Services (GI-RVPS) grant for $451,324. The organization will utilize these funds to engage individuals at the highest risk of firearm violence, through the deployment of street outreach, case management and victim services advocates. The Mayor’s Office of Domestic and Community Violence is a partner in this project. This project will work to create positive spaces and outcomes for individuals most likely to harm someone or be harmed by firearm violence, strengthen others affected by violence and contribute to building a safer community for us all.

“Collaboration through our Grassroots Team with the Mayor’s Office of Domestic and Community Violence Prevention has provided the opportunity for two grassroots organizations with lived experience to share in services that contribute to the success of high-risk youth and families, who have been negatively impacted by victim trauma,” says Tretara Flowers, Director of Get Connected. “Through this opportunity, we aim to strengthen the relationships within our community and agencies by providing services for us, by us! Doing this will contribute to impactful and positive results in the efforts of the reduction of gun violence.”

Comprehensive Community Solutions (CCS) was awarded a Greater Illinois Trauma Informed Behavioral Health Services (GI-TIBHS) grant for $318,806. This grant will allow CCS to provide screening and assessment, trauma informed psychoeducation, therapeutic services, and linkage and resource navigation services in the form of a case plan to all youth enrolled in CCS programs. This work will be performed by a community-based therapist and two case managers. This grant will also provide Trauma Therapy for all staff that work at CCS.

CCS also received an Illinois Reimagine Youth Intervention Services grant (RPSA) for $210,992.20. This grant will allow CCS to expand its current ALPHA program, including serving youth on Saturdays and focusing on youth involved in the juvenile judicial system. It will also provide mentoring, life skills and a safe place for youth to work together to develop daily living, self-care, relationship and communication, and money management goals, as well as self-control and anger management.

“Both of these grants will fill a much-needed void of services that will allow youth the resources to heal internally, while they work on becoming assets to their community,” says William Chatman, CCS Executive Director. “It’s a win for the young person and a win for the broader community.”

The Mayor’s Office of Domestic and Community Violence Prevention works with grassroots organizations to coordinate efforts that are complementary to the office’s work focusing on prevention and interview efforts for youth in our community.

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