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Rockford Scanner » Thank You Beloit PD: Beloit PD Release info On The High Speed Police Chase The Other Day

Thank You Beloit PD: Beloit PD Release info On The High Speed Police Chase The Other Day

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Beloit Pd:
Good afternoon Beloit. We wanted to give an update on a pursuit which occurred in the area on Friday 2/17 around 245pm.
At that time officers from the Violent Crimes Team Observed a wanted subject 18 year old Antwone E. Lockhart who was wanted for Burglary. Lockhart was observed in possession of a firearm and is a convicted felon. Lockhart was with 19 year old Davon M. Collins who was also wanted on a variety of felony charges including Hit and Run and Felony warrants from the Department of Corrections and is on Deferred Prosecution for a previous Felony Fleeing case. Collins then fled in a vehicle with Lockhart.
A pursuit ensued which involved Beloit Police, South Beloit, Illinois State Police, Rockton Police, and the Rock County Sheriffs Office. The pursuit left Beloit and went into Illinois, and subsequently came back into Beloit where a Deputy was able to use a tire deflation device (Stop Sticks), to disable the suspect vehicle. The driver was apprehended by a RCSO K9 team, and Lockhart was captured by Beloit and South Beloit Officers. We want to say thank you to all of the agencies involved.
We want all of you to know we do not chase at the speeds we had to chase these suspects at often. They are known violent felons, and their capture was necessary. We knew who they were, knew they were armed, and know they are willing to risk lives to stay free. We did as much as we could possibly do to try to mitigate risks to the motoring public, but there is no doubt some of you saw some very fast driving.
We don’t chase retail theft suspects like this, we post their pictures on Facebook and ask for your help. We WILL chase armed felons when we can do it as safely as possible. We have no determination in what happens with the suspects now, we just arrange their meeting with the Judge and the Probation Agents. They are considered innocent until proven guilty.
We wanted to let you all know your safety is paramount, and we take our responsibility to keep you all safe very seriously. We wish that these suspects didn’t make the choice/decision to be reckless, but we responded as best we could to capture them.
Collins was arrested for with 2nd degree Reckless Endanger Safety (felony), Fleeing to Elude Officers (felony), Bail Jumping (felony), Resist/Obstruct Arrest (misdemeanor)
Lockhart was arrested for Felony Bail Jumping, Adjudicated Delinquent Possess Firearm (felony), and a Felony Warrant for Burglary.
We hope this gives some insight into what many of you saw on Friday. Thanks again to the multiple agencies who helped us out, and we are thankful to all of you who were vigilant which allowed you to see what was going on and were able to avoid the pursuit.
Be safe be vigilant
Sgt Flanagan



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