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Rockford Scanner » It’s Time To Check Out The Burpee Museum! PaleoFest 2023 is March 3-5. Get Your Tickets While You Can!!!

It’s Time To Check Out The Burpee Museum! PaleoFest 2023 is March 3-5. Get Your Tickets While You Can!!!

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Check out the Burpee Museum

Tickets to PaleoFest 2023:

Our opinion on what allegedly may have happened,
Based on the current information that has been provided to us.

I recently visited the Burpee Museum
And I wanted to take a second and promote the museum a bit.
Not a paid promo, I just wanted to bring awareness to one of many things our area has to offer.
Rockford has a lot of stuff to offer, Sadly we don’t hear much about it.
One of my favorite things is the Burpee Museum! 

The Burpee Museum has a nice display of local history, dinosaurs, Native Americans, plus much more!

I find our local history, pretty fascinating!  
Did you know, the very spot I am at right this second,
Was under a shallow sea 470 million years ago…
And now it is Rockford, IL

The amazing stuff you can see and learn at a museum!
At the Burpee Museum!

I was able to see some real dinosaur bones! 

To sit there and look at them, and know that the bones I am staring at, are real dinosaur bones.
Is pretty freaking amazing!  To see the different types of dinosaur displays.
The interactive videos that teach you about the displays!
To see the shear size of a real dinosaur, really puts things into perspective!

Ice Age in Illinois! 

I was also able to see some real stuffed (Taxidermy) animals.
Polar bears, Lions, and many other animals!
I will admit, Polar bears are pretty darn huge!

Selfie time with a taxidermy polar bear?
Why not!

Mask not required

Did you know Rockford was once covered by a sheet of ice a mile thick?! Burpee’s Pleistocene exhibit is a walk back in time to learn how huge masses of slowly moving ice, called glaciers, carved out the landscape we see today. Who roamed the midwest? What did the land look like?

During the last 1.6 million years, Illinois changed dramatically.
Strange large mammals, now extinct, inhabited the tundra around the periphery of the glacier. Mammoths and mastodons traveled in herds, the sabre-toothed cat, or Smilodon, hunted for prey, and many of the animals we still know today roamed the land. Check out the survivors, and fossils of the past in the Burpee Museum Ice Age Exhibit.

It really puts things into perspective, what life was like many years ago.

I bet you did not know that elephants and mammoths walked this very same land, a long time ago.
So if you went and dug a hole in your backyard, There is a real possibility that you could discover a dinosaur
Or another large creature fossil in your own back yard!
Kind of wants me to start digging, and seeing what I may find, LOL.

Pretty amazing isn’t it! 

I am Native American.
The Burpee Museum has a large display of Native American  stuff.
One of the things I thought was most fascinating was
the display of the Native American tools they used to survive.

The tools that they used are very primitive compared to what we use these days.
But have the basic same concepts.
It Is Fascinating To See Such History!

I bet many of you did not know that right under your feet, is a bunch of Limestone.
The Burpee Museum has a large display of a variety of rocks and minerals.
They have several displays talking about how the Ice Age formed and how it impacted our area.

The Earth Below our Feet

Join us on a geology journey at Burpee Museum! For the last 4.6 Billion years the Earth has been changing. This new exhibit opened in 2021, and will take you on a journey of forces and time.  Travel with us and explore many years of the Earth’s forces: wind, water, ice, pressure, and heat, and more. Choose a path and see how liquid rock, or magma, becomes the soil, sand, and rocks beneath our feet today.

Out of all the displays there, I think I enjoyed the Ice Age display the most.
I learned a lot of history from this display! My hats goes off to the Burpee Crew!

But how can I pick a favorite,
When there is sooooo many great displays???

Jane The Dinosaur!
Over the years, I have heard about Jane.
When I walked into the room with Jane.
WOW!  It really gave me an appreciation for dinosaurs.

You have to go see JANE!!! 

The Burpee Museum has several other dinosaur bone displays.
While you are visiting Jane, be sure to check out all the other dinosaur displays!
If you want to learn about dinosaurs, or just see a dinosaur.
Burpee Museum is the place to go!

We recently received a report of a large bird sighting over the skies in Winnebago County.
When I looked up, there was a dinosaur of a Pterodactyl hanging from the ceiling of the Burpee!
And all I could think about, was the report a community member sending RS,
on recently spotting a similar bird in our skies!
Is the Pterodactyl really extinct???

There are no words that can describe the appreciation
for what Burpee Museum has to offer with their exhibits!
Truly jaw dropping exhibits! (Thank You)
You just have to see it for yourself!!!

So much to do, so much fun!

If you have not visited your the Burpee Museum,
I would highly recommend you doing so!
It truly gives one an appreciation for our history!  

You can check all of this out plus much more during the PaleoFest 2023!
Scroll down to learn about PaleoFest 2023!

PaleoFest 2023 is March 3-5

From the Burpee Museum Website:
Join us as Burpee Museum celebrates 25 years of PaleoFest,
with research talks from paleontologists around the world, and special activities and programming! 

Dino-lovers, rock collectors, and fossil diggers unite for an internationally attended festival. Our audience includes scientists and researchers, aspiring scientists, students, and paleo-lovers, and even dino-loving kiddos! Many of the talks will focus on our speakers’ cutting edge research and amazing new discoveries. 

Not Just for Professional Scientists

Students, interested community members, and aspiring scientists are encouraged to join the experts as they share stories, research, and experiences. It is a great opportunity to make connections and become inspired!

Not ready for the lectures? Families can still enjoy hands-on workshops, lectures for children, and activities for families throughout our museum…paleo science is presented in a fun, big way.

Family Fun

Bring your best dino roar and paleo costume, and jump into so many fun ways to win contests. Learn about prehistoric animals and explore the halls of Burpee!

Note: Children ages 4-12 must be accompanied by an adult.

PaleoFest 2023 Speaker Spotlight!
Dr. Melissa Pardi will be discussing “Geographic variation in the diets of mammoth (Mammuthus) and American mastodon (Mammut americanum).”
Melissa (Mel) Pardi is a vertebrate paleontologist and has been the curator of geology at the Illinois State Museum since 2020. She received her master’s degree in geosciences from the Pennsylvania State University in 2010 and her PhD in biology from the University of New Mexico in 2016. Her main research interests revolve around the paleoecology of mammals and the causes and consequences of megafauna extinctions. She uses databases, museum collections, and a variety of analytical tools to ask questions about traits, behavior, and where mammals are found throughout time.
For more information on PaleoFest and to view Melissa’s full abstract, visit
PaleoFest 2023 Speaker Spotlight!
Talia Lowi-Merri, a PhD student from the University of Toronto, will be discussing “Fly before you can soar: Ecomorphology and evolution of flight in the fossil record.”
Talia’s talk will highlight research of the first 3D shape analyses of a key element: the sternum (breastbone), which anchors critical flight muscles in living birds. Not only does this reveal that sternum shape reflects locomotor abilities in living birds, it also outperforms conventional approaches in estimating locomotion in fossil birds. This work advances the paradigm for studying functional morphology in fossils and provides a fundamental framework for reconstructing avian flight origins.
For more information about PaleoFest and to view Talia’s full abstract, visit

Tickets to PaleoFest 2023:

Preregister for PaleoFest 2023
Burpee Museum is once again hosting one of the coolest paleontology festivals in the world. Don’t miss PaleoFest 2023 as we join forces with scientists from around the world! Burpee Museum offers a variety of ticket packages, including A La Cart, a special PaleoPackage, and dinner and lecture tickets!

General Admission
Includes access to exhibits and Paleo Passport Stations

Saturday |  Sunday

Nonmember Adults (+13): $15
Nonmember Youth (4-12): $13
Nonmember Child (3 & Under): $0
Saturday | Sunday

Member Adults (+13): $4
Member Youth (4-12): $2
Member Child (3 & Under): $0
Lecture Tickets
Includes general admission

Saturday OR Sunday:
Nonmember: $65
Member: $50
Saturday AND Sunday:
Nonmember: $85
Member: $65
Dinner Tickets

Nonmember Adults: $75
Nonmember Youth: $50
Member Adults: $65
Member Youth: $40
A La Cart:
*In addition to general admission

Saturday Nonmember | Sunday Nonmember | Saturday Member | Sunday Member

Ages 3-6 Workshop, Ages 7+ Workshop, and Family PaleoArt Workshop:
Nonmember Youth: $12
Member Youth: $8
Family Talk:
Nonmember: $8
Member: $5
One Day Pass (Saturday or Sunday)
Includes general admission for 2 adults and 2-4 youths/children, one workshop entry for each child, and entry into either the Family Talk or PaleoArt Family Workshop. If you would like to attend both days, then you will receive $10 off on the second day.

Saturday Nonmember | Sunday Nonmember | Saturday Member | Sunday Member

Nonmember Family of 4: $60
Nonmember Family of 6: $90
Member Family of 4: $30
Member Family of 6: $60
Additional Nonmember: $12-$15
Additional Member: $6-$8
Includes Saturday and Sunday admission, lectures, and Saturday Keynote Dinner.


Nonmember: $170
Member: $120
PaleoVIP Package
Includes Saturday and Sunday admission, lectures, Saturday Keynote Dinner, and PaleoGear (tshirt & poster).

Nonmember: $200
Member: $150


Burpee Museum is having a fundraiser!
Support our Education Department and reptiles by purchasing a limited edition tote bag through Custom Ink. Each bag is $30, and will be available until March 4th.
Bags can be mailed or picked up at the museum. In person pick-up orders will receive free general admission to the museum on nonevent days. Bags will be delivered between March 12-24th, and in person pick-up will start March 24th. Proceeds will go to reptile food and education supplies.
% Burpee Receives:
20 bags sold = 40% per bag
30 bags sold = 50% per bag
50 bags sold = 99% per bag
To purchase, visit
We appreciate your support!

As much as we hate asking for donations.
Sadly, it does cost money to run RS. 

Dedicated server, Domain, Maintenance, Time, etc…
Every penny helps!  

Donate via debit or credit card:
Thank you in advance for your donation!

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