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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Paranormal: RS Sources Tell Us About Their Alleged Paranormal Experiences, One Of Them Was While They Worked At A Local School

Rockford Paranormal: RS Sources Tell Us About Their Alleged Paranormal Experiences, One Of Them Was While They Worked At A Local School

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RS Sources Share Their Paranormal Experiences
Sit down, kick your feet up, turn the lights down low. 

“I used the be one of the night custodians at (Edited: Local School)
and almost every night when I would clean the lower level of the library where the pianos were.
I would hear what sounded like someone pressing on one of the keys of the piano.
I would go investigate and as soon as the piano would come into view.
The sounds would suddenly stop. Nobody in sight!”

“Now understand at this time, all the doors are locked
and the only people with access to the building are me and other custodians and campus police.”

“One night professor (edited) and I were locking up for the night. We were walking down the (edited) hallway when we noticed a really dark cloud hovering in the middle of the hallway. This dark mysterious cloud hovered about 2 feet off of the floor.  It appeared to us to be an outline of a small person but in a Black misty cloud form. We stopped dead in our tracks! We both looked at each other to make sure we were were seeing the same thing. It lasted only 20 seconds or so.  All of a sudden we hear this extremely loud groan and then and ear-piercing scream.  All of a sudden the dark cloud vanished before our eyes.  I have never been so scared in my life!  I never ran so fast in my life. After that, I took some personal time off to reflect on the experience. Well honestly, to decide if I wanted to keep working there. I am still there now. And never had another experience.”

Years ago I was sitting in front of my house smoking a cigarette late at night. The only light was from the one street light in front of my house. I was minding my own business when I looked over to the side of the house and I notice a dark silhouette of a person standing there!  Which startled me cause I didn’t hear any thing. As I stood up to get a better look, I say hello? And as soon as I said that, the dark figure darted towards me and disappeared a few feet before getting to me! Literally one of the weirdest things to happened to me!

This is one is from my girlfriend, from just a few days ago.  We were up late at night watching movies when we heard our littlest one through the baby monitor wake up. So, my GF gets up to make him a bottle and take it to him. When she comes back she’s almost in tears. I ask what’s wrong and she goes on to tell me that as she was walking up the crib to lay the baby back down. She said she heard someone whisper “who is that?” Sending chills down her spine! Now understand that there are no windows in the babies room and as soon as she told me this I searched the house and reviewed the baby monitor video and saw nothing!”

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