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Rockford Scanner » UPDATE: Suspect that stole the body, is still on the loose. The van was recovered, and the body was recovered at a later date…

UPDATE: Suspect that stole the body, is still on the loose. The van was recovered, and the body was recovered at a later date…

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On Thursday, 1/19/2023 at 7:32 p.m., the Winnebago County Coroner’s Office was called in reference to a natural death at a local hospital. Information was gathered regarding the decedent, 47 year-old, Curtis Brown, and his death was determined to be that of natural causes.
On the evening of Friday, 1/20/2023, Mr. Brown’s body was released from the hospital and into the care of Collins & Stone Funeral Home staff.
On Saturday, 01/21/2023, a Collins & Stone Funeral Home van was reported stolen from their funeral home property in Rockford.
The van was later located in Chicago on the evening of Sunday, 1/22/2023.
However, Mr. Brown’s body was not inside the van.
On the evening of Monday, 1/23/2023, Mr. Brown’s body was located behind a vacant home in the 8200 block of South Manistee Avenue in Chicago. Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office was notified and refused to take jurisdiction of Mr. Brown’s body.
Chicago Police Department contacted the Rockford Police Department and requested the assistance of the Winnebago County Coroner’s Office.
The Winnebago County Coroner’s Office responded to the 8200 block of Manistee Avenue
 Mr. Brown was taken into the care of the Coroner’s Office and he was transported back to Rockford where he is currently being held, pending release to a funeral home.
Mr. Brown’s family was notified of the incident and has since been working with an out-of-state funeral home to have Mr. Brown returned to his family in Mississippi. The Coroner’s Office would like to thank the Chicago Police Department and the Rockford Police Department for their collaborated efforts in this matter. The Rockford Police Department continues to investigate this incident.

A van, belonging to Collins & Stone Funeral Home (128 S. 5th Street), was stolen

from outside of the business on the afternoon of Saturday, January 21, 2023. Unfortunately,
there was a deceased man in the cargo area. Rockford Police were made aware that the van
immediately fled Rockford towards the Chicago area. Chicago Police Department located the van
last night with no body inside. We are currently investigating this incident with our Law
Enforcement partners and further updates will be posted to Twitter.

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