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UPDATE: Police Are Investigating Multiple Vehicle Thefts. Police Catch 1 Minor, 2 Suspects Still Running Free



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My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided to Rockford Scanner: 

Police Are Investigating a vehicle theft,
And an “in progress property”
On the West Side. 


(From the victim)
At 11:30pm the 3 teenagers approached and proceeded to break into and hot wire my Hyundai Tucson.
Thanks Hyundai for your absolutely horrible design in your ignition switches.

They then proceeded to come back an hour later after the cops had already left at 12:30am and broke into my neighbors Hyundai sedan and attempt to hot wire that one as well.

My fiancé went to walk around the block to maybe find our car seats cause those are expensive and take up a lot of room so we figured they ditched them.

They were breaking into the car as he stepped outside so we called the cops again.

They caught one minor after he jumped and ran from my neighbors car and 2 others proceeded to crash my Tucson near Bruce/Kilburn into a house and ran off.

Steering column torn apart. Car seats are gone and my youngest daughters window broken.

I’m angry. I hate what is f*cking happening. Why is this what we have to worry about now. Why me.

It’s truly random teenagers bored and from the culprits mouth himself they we’re “ celebrating “ something but I didn’t hear what.

Since when did celebrating something turn into destroying someone’s family’s one vehicle.

They arrested a minor that was attempting to steal the vehicle on this second call.

1 arrested, 2 are still roaming the streets of Rockford free.


According to the police call logs

The first incident happened just before 11:50 pm in the 1600 block of N Winnebago.
The call logs show the incident as a vehicle theft that had just occurred.

Then the call logs show approx. 45 minutes later
the Rockford PD responded again for an “In Progress Property” call.

It is unclear what has happened.
But several Rockford PD officers were on scene.

Rockford PD has not yet released any information on the incident or suspects.
If they do, we will update this.

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