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Share this post! : (Updated with scene photos) Rockford FD Battle A Fire At A High-rise in Downtown Rockford

Rockford FD Battling a fire at the Faust Landmark in downtown Rockford.

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Rockford FD Battling a fire at the Faust Landmark in downtown Rockford.

Photos by Admin Will

My opinion on what allegedly may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided: 

Rockford FD Battling a fire at the Faust Landmark in downtown Rockford.

Sources are reporting a possible fire scene near downtown Rockford.

Initial reports are saying that there is a possible fire at the Faust.

Sources said there is smoke showing from the East side of the building.

Sounds like the possible fire is on or near, the 8th floor.

Sounds like 1 person is needing oxygen on the 7th floor.

Several units from the Rockford FD are en route.

Still developing


  • Valid fire on the 8th floor.
  • Sounds like Rockford FD has extinguished the fire.
  • Sources told us that the sprinkler system helped contain the fire.
  • Medical needed on the 7th floor. Person needing oxygen.
  • Shelter in place on the 6th floor. 

On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, at approximately 1412 hours, the Rockford Fire Department
responded to a report of a fire alarm at The Faust Landmark at 630 East State Street. While fire
companies were responding, a report was received of smoke in the building. The response was
upgraded to a structure fire response. The first fire companies on scene reported smoke on the 8th floor
of the 11 story building. A fire had occurred in an apartment on the 8th floor and activated the sprinkler
system. The fire was contained to the apartment of origin by the sprinkler system and no injuries
occurred as a result of the fire. At this time, there are several occupants that have been displaced. The
American Red Cross is assisting those residents with housing needs. The cause of the fire is still under
investigation, but is believed to be accidental. No estimated dollar loss amounts are available at this

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