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Rockford Scanner » : Another Shooting incident on the East side : Another Shooting incident on the East side

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My opinion on what may have possibly happened, 
Based on the information that has been currently provided: 


Sources are reporting a possible shooting incident in Winnebago County.


Initial reports are saying that it happened at approx. 1 am
In the neighborhood of 7th st

Sources are reporting that they heard multiple gunshots in the nearby area.

There are reports of possible property damages.

Sources said a vehicle was traveling down 7th st,
firing multiple gunshots as they traveled down 7th st

Unconfirmed reports are saying that there might be 1 shooting victim.
Unknown on the alleged victim’s condition.

Officials have confirmed they are investigating a shooting incident.
But they have not yet released any information on the incident or suspects.

When officials release information, we will update this.

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