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Rockford Scanner™: On Friday, Rockford, had a low of 33° and a high of 78°.

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[2:05 A.M. Saturday, October 22]
Never too late (or is it early now?) for a gee-whiz fact.

On Friday, Rockford, IL had a low of 33° and a high of 78°.
That span of 46 total degrees was the most in a calendar day since April 3, 2016 (49°),
and only the 4th day in the last 25 years with such a large one-day range! 
Such a broad diurnal range usually happens with one or both of these two scenarios:
1.) a strong front passes over the region,
or 2.) the air mass is very dry which allows for substantial warming during the day and cooling at night.
The second was the case on Friday.

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