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Rockford Scanner » Rockford Scanner™: Large Scale Training Exercise in Beloit Today 

Rockford Scanner™: Large Scale Training Exercise in Beloit Today 

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Large Scale Training Exercise in Beloit Today 

Beloit Health System, Blackhawk Technical College, and several emergency responders from throughout Rock County will be conducting a large-scale training exercise that will take place at the college’s main campus and Beloit Memorial Hospital on Saturday, October 22.
This training will test the preparedness of all agencies involved and the potential impacts to the health care system. While this exercise may appear to resemble an actual emergency, we are informing the community that it is just a drill. We assure you that the care of our actual patients will take priority over the exercise.
Agencies that will be participating in the training exercise include:
Beloit Health System
Blackhawk Technical College
City of Beloit Police Department
City of Beloit Fire Department
Town of Beloit Police Department
Town of Beloit Fire Department
Clinton Fire Department
Turtle Fire Department
Footville Fire Department
Beloit Transit System
City of Beloit Emergency Management
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