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Rockford Scanner™: Firefighters Battling A Fire In A Local Apartment Building, Possible Arsonist Setting Fires in the Area…A 2nd Fire just Reported.

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The Rockford Fire Department responded to a reported apartment fire. Upon arrival at this 3 story 12
family apartment Rockford ladder 9 reported a fire burning on the outside 3rd floor balcony. Immediate
efforts were made to notify the occupants and clear people out of the building as fire fighting efforts
began. A second fire was reported at the apartment building next door. As additional units arrived,
crews were able to discern that multiple small fires had started in two different apartment buildings.
Several fires were found on the 3rd floor of the adjacent apartment and were quickly extinguished as the
building was evacuated. Fire crews were able to clear all the apartments in both buildings of the
occupants and stabilize the incident. Fire investigators were called in to perform an investigation on
multiple small fires that occurred in both buildings at 2303 and 2237 Canary Drive. The fires were
determined to be incendiary in nature and the investigation remains open. Persons with knowledge of
the event are encouraged to contact Crimestoppers or the Rockford Fire Department non-emergency



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