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Hard Rock Casino Is Now Open, My 1st Hard Rock Casino Experience…



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RS Note:
They have photography restrictions, so I wasn’t able to take any photos to share

Welcome Rockford Casino – A Hard Rock Opening Act

A few of our our fans contacted us and asked if the Hard Rock Casino was open yet.

Great news, it is now open!   And even better news, it is open 24/7!  

It is located at the old Giovanni’s,  610 N Bell School Rd.

That is on Bell School, just North of E State st.

According to their website at
Rockford Casino – A Hard Rock Opening Act
Rockford Casino delivers the legendary vibe of the Hard Rock brand including gaming, entertainment, and great food.
With amplified service taking center stage, Rockford Casino provides the entertainment needs of the “815” and beyond.

The 37,000 square-foot gaming floor at Rockford Casino houses your favorite slots and electronic table games.

All the local news stations ran the story on the casino opening.


So I figured instead of writing about it opening,
I will post about my first experience at the Rockford Hard Rock Casino.

I went the other day when it officially opened.  

I will say, I was very impressed with my first experience. 

When I walked in the door, The casino was very clean and had a friendly atmosphere.  

I was impressed with how friendly the staff was and I was surprised on how big it was inside.
There were many gambling machines  inside the casino to play.
There are tons of machines, so there will be plenty of room for you and your friends! 

All the staff was very friendly.
I don’t gamble much, I am about as new as they come, when it comes to going to a casino.
This was my first Hard Rock Casino experience, so naturally I had many questions.
The staff was very friendly and  they were able to answer my many questions.
(Thank you for the patience, and answering my questions) .

I signed up for their rewards card and sat down at the Roulette machine.   
I popped in my rewards card, so I can earn the rewards in the future 🙂 
I popped a few bucks into the machine.  I bet on the color Black. 
I hit the button, and won!  The rush of winning was pretty amazing 🙂 

I bet again, I bet on odd. I hit the button and it landed on an odd. I won again! 
While playing, I had a friendly conversation with the gentleman next to me. 

He was also new to the casino as well. 

I felt more relaxed knowing  I was not the only newbie! 
After a brief friendly conversation, I got up to play the slots.  

I saw this pretty impressive looking slot machine. It had a bear on it.

I am a Chicago Bears fan, and the design of the bear was pretty bad a*s so I knew I had to play this slot machine. 
Many of you are going to laugh, but like I said I do not gamble much.
So I was clueless on how to operate the slot machine. 

I will say it did not take me long to figure out how to play the slots!   

The machines were electronic and had the instructions on the screen.  

Yes, even this newbie was up and playing the slot machine in SECONDS.  

Trust me, If I can do it, you can do it too, LOL.  

I read the instructions and the payouts for the jackpot and then I put my rewards card (can’t forget that!) into the slot machine and put my credit voucher in as well. 

I thought to myself, I wonder if I am going to be that lucky guy who wins the jackpot? 
I sat there for a second and I began to slowly push down on the spin button. 

As I did, the machine lit up and I watched as the symbols went spinning by fast and than began to slowly stop. 

One by one, I matched up a few symbols. A few of them were the bear symbols.  I won again! 

I sat at the machine awhile and had a good time spinning the slots.  

I can see just how fun it is to play the slots! 

Sadly, I ended up losing $19.90, and cashed out with a $.10 voucher, LOL.  

I guess they don’t call it gambling for nothing!  
I had to leave shortly afterwards, to film an accident nearby. 

As I left the staff all smiled and told me goodbye.  

I have heard the food is amazing there, I did not get the chance to experience this on my first trip.  However I do plan experiencing the food on my next trip there! 

Wings and BBQ ribs, here I come!  🙂

But I do know one thing, for my very first experience at the Rockford Hard Rock Casino, that $20 was well spent.  I had fun, and I can’t wait to go again!   I hope to see many of you there!  

They are open 24/7, so there is no excuse why you can’t go.  

They even offer a shuttle bus!

Here is their info on the shuttles ~

I know many people, including myself, are happy the Hard Rock Casino is now officially open in Rockford!  Welcome Rockford Casino – A Hard Rock Opening Act

See you there! 

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