Rockford Scanner™: Roscoe Police Are Reporting Numerous Burglaries Overnight


Roscoe Police Are Reporting Numerous Burglaries Overnight. 

Numerous vehicle burglaries in the Chicory Ridge Subdivision over night.

Call Roscoe Police if your vehicle was entered.



Rockford Scanner™: Numerous burglaries in Loves Park & Machesney Park


Several sources are reporting numerous burglaries that happened in the Machesney and Loves Park over the weekend.

Winnebago County Sheriff’s office has yet to release any information.  They rarely ever do so.  Do not expect any updates.

Several sources have reported at least 19 burglaries in Machesney and Loves Park over the weekend.

Several of the burglaries happen in the following areas: Ralston, Zenith, Harlem, Penny ln, Blossom ct, Highstone dr, Patti ln, Debbie ln, Harvest ln, Rogers st, Broadcast Parkway, Forest Hills, Perryville, N. 2nd St. etc…

We have been told the police do have the suspect description but they have yet to release it to the public.

We have been told a gun was stolen during one of the burglaries.

Sources have been reporting several burglaries over the last several weeks now. This is becoming a very serious problem.

If you have any information please call the police department.


Rockford Scanner™: More Vehicles Being Stolen In The Rockford Area

Source wants to warn other citizens about recent vehicle thefts

“Just wanted to let everyone know there has been multiple car thefts in the area. Doors are being pride open to access cars for theft and to steal the actual car if they can. Two young thin black males, 13- 18, were seen exiting one of the stolen vehicles tonight (Friday) around 8 p.m. at Hershey Manor. They police officer recovered another Toyotas stolen plates, Honda civic keys, and other keys. Please lock your car doors and keep your cars in well lite areas.”



Rockford Scanner™: Another Vehicle Stolen in Rockford, From Downtown

Note: There have been several vehicles stolen in the Rockford area recently.
We have been told there is a ring of people going around stealing the vehicles to commit crimes in.  Police will not confirm anything right now.


This morning around 10 am FROM downtown Rockford

White older Chevy Silverado Truck With Ladder Hangers with a Trailer attached. Illinois Plate Number. 2276454B


Update: Last seen I 90 heading for Chicago. Last know location was 12:36pm 1049 W. 95th street.


Rockford Scanner™: Do NOT Use Your Debit/Credit Cards At Local Stores, Alleged Thefts Going On

We have had several people reporting some local businesses have been stealing peoples debit/credit cards and using them illegally to purchase items. We can not confirm this, but several people have contacted us and said they have been victims. To put a long story short: If you have to hand over your card, then do NOT use it. Pay cash. If you are a victim, then call police right away. Below is from one alleged victim, there have been numerous reports of it not only happening at the local Mcdonalds, but several other area businesses as well.

Cristal Mari Franco posted these videos. Her theft allegedly happened at the Mcdonalds on Northridge: You can see a bunch of her videos and posts about the topic at


Rockford Scanner™: Phone Stolen Near The Trampoline Park in Cherry Valley


Destiny sent us the following:
“My moms phone was stolen at the trampoline park around 2:00 today out of her car, it is a Samsung galaxy 7 and it had a black rubber case on it that is see through on the back, just trying to get the phone returned. Contact allen hall 8155091561 if found, it was taken at gar trampoline park in cherryvale by the mall around 2:30 and i called it and a guy answered and was talking to someone then hung up and turned the phone off.”



Rockford Scanner™: Reward Being Offered For The Arrest Of This Man

From Haas Towing:
” Friday morning at 1:27 a.m two men on bikes stopped in a parking lot at 2433 20th st and started breaking into cars. We will offer a $500 reward for anyone that can lead us to an arrest of this man. Can you help us spread the word “


Rockford Scanner™: Keep An Eye Out For This Stolen Vehicle

RS Source contacted us and said a vehicle was stolen and asked if we could post it.  It is described as a Black 2016 Chevy Volt. License plate # Bk 654 36.

Possibly in Ogle County or the Loves Park area.
A White female was last seen driving it.

If you see it, call the police.

Internet photo of a Black 2016 Chevy Volt


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Rockford Scanner™: Citizen Robbed After Using A Facebook Buy & Sell Page in Rockford 

Citizen Robbed After Using A Facebook Buy & Sell Page in Rockford

A citizen contacted us and said he was robbed while replying to a Facebook Buy & Sell Page in Rockford.  The name was similar to Rockford market buy sell page.

He messaged us saying: ” This individual reached out to me on a Rockford group for buying and selling used goods. She contacted me by messenger app, looked at the item near my home, then left to get money. Asked if I could meet elsewhere and we agreed on McDonald’s off Riverside and North Main. I got out of my car and went to the back trunk when She grabbed the item and jumped into her car and hit the gas with the door open. I attempted to hold the door open but She drove reckless and I moved out of the way to avoid being hit.”

He also said: ” Police report was filed Saturday at 10:55. The theft occurred at 10:35 am. The car was a maroon Monte Carlo with damage to the front driver side number  ”

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Rockford Scanner™: This beautiful dog was stolen in Rockford today.

Sources are reporting this beautiful dog was stolen in Rockford today.

It happened near Ridgeland in Rockford this afternoon.

Alleged suspect fled in a White Explorer

If found, please contact

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