Rockford Scanner™: Home Invasion in Rockford, One Person Needed Medical Attention

Sources are reporting a scene on the west side. 

It happened near Huffman in Rockford. 

We have been told there was a home invasion. 

Medical was needed for one person at the scene. 

Police have yet to confirm this or release information. 



Rockford Scanner™: Delivery Driver Robbed in Rockford

A delivery driver was robbed at the Beef a Roo on S Alpine. 

Suspect is a black male around 6 foot and wearing a dark colored jacket. Armed with a black pistol. Suspect got away and police are searching for him.

We were told the delivery driver worked for a different place, and was using the lot as the drop off point when they were robbed.



Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Hold A Gun To The Teen Girls Head During A Robbery At A Rockford Bank

Source is reporting their daughter was robbed at gunpoint at a Rockford bank. 

Source said:
“My 16 year old had a gun held to her head over a backpack and a phone!

She knew who did this cause the perp went to school with her and her friends.

She was at a bank parking lot (5400 block of Harrison ave) so there should be a video of the incident.
(PNC bank)

She went straight to the police, but despite of all the information it seams like there where no arrests.

Just last month I had my phone taken from me, and the cops REFUSED to go with me and retrieve it despite of me having an address to where it was.
They told me that I would be better off making a claim with my phone company.

The crime is never going to get better IF criminals know that they can get away with it and not even be anonymous.

Thanks for your help!”


Rockford Scanner™: Several Robberies In Rockford Recently

Sources are reporting several robberies recently.

  • 1200 block of N Main
  • N Main and Wagner
  • 2400 block of 11th st
  • Broadway and 11th
  • Mulberry and Soper

Police have not released any suspect info on these robberies.



Rockford Scanner™: Why do people comment, without reading the article?


Why do people comment, without reading the article?

So I have noticed this A LOT lately.   People comment on a title, other than then the factual content in an article.  You can tell they haven’t clicked on to read the article. Because the comments are no where near what actually happened, that clearly states what happened in the article.

A good example and as to why I am thinking about this right now.

Burger King on 11th st was robbed earlier tonight.  Admin Will went to go work the scene for me. Thank you Will, Much appreciated!  The police parked their vehicles next door at Auto Zone. See the photo below.

As you can see the police parked their vehicles there.   But the actual robbery happened at Burger King, next door.  You can CLEARLY read that it was Burger King that was robbed, at 

People are commenting and thinking it is Auto Zone, based on the photo posted that shows all the police parked at Auto Zone.  Based on their comments, you can clearly see they did not take 2 seconds to click the link and read and CLEARLY read that it was Burger King that was robbed.

All these people do is make themselves look bad by commenting with bad info.   SMH………………

I ask that everyone please take a second and please click on the link and actually READ the content, before making comments.



Rockford Scanner™: Armed Robbery At A Rockford Business

Sources are reporting numerous emergency personnel working a scene on the East side.

It happened at the Burger King on 11th st.

Sources said 2 black males robbed the business.

RPD has yet to confirm this or release any info.


Rockford Scanner™: Another Robbery in Rockford, Numerous Robberies


Another robbery in Rockford. 

There have been numerous robberies in Rockford in the last 24 hours.

The most recent one just happened near Kent in Rockford.

Suspects are described as: #1 Black male, 6 foot, 120 lbs, white shirt, black hat, silver gun.  #2 Black male, approx. 23 years old, 180 lbs, shoulder length dread ponytail, black shirt, black gun.

Last seen in a Blue Malibu with tinted windows.



Rockford Scanner™: Police are investigating an armed robbery in Rockford


Police are investigating an armed robbery in Rockford. 

It happened overnight just after 3 am in the 5200 block of Linden rd.

Suspects are described as:
#1 White male, approx 16 years old, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans.
#2 Black male, approx. 15 years old, wearing ared shirt, blue jeans.
Last seen in a Silver vehicle towards Alpine.




Rockford Scanner™: Bank Robbery In Rockford, Suspect Gets Away

A Rockford bank was robbed Wednesday around 11:40 am. 

A suspect robbed the Chase Bank at N Main and W Riverside.
3699 N Main.

Suspect is described as a black male, approx. 6 foot, wearing a black knit hat, dark hooded sweatshirt, dark jeans, a white surgical mask, white shoes and black gloves. Approx.  25 to 35 years old. Armed with a gun.

No injuries were reported.

Police are offering a $1K reward for information.