CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Suspect Steals A Donation Box From A Local Business


Sources sent us this video of a suspect that allegedly stole a donation box from a business on S Main in Rockford. 

The donation box was for someone who is sick.

This suspect walked off with the box and all the donations for the sick person in it.  If you recognize this suspect, call the RPD or you can contact us and we will relay your tip to the police anonymously for you.


Rockford Scanner™: Possible Bank Robbery In Rockford

Sources are reporting a possible bank robbery in Rockford.

Sources were reporting emergency personnel at the Midland Bank at 1401 N Main in Rockford earlier today.
Had posted the bank was robbed, on their Facebook page
(Link above, Photo below)

Rockford Police have not released any information on the incident.

Their call log shows a “Suspicious Incident”

No other information at this time.


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Beat And Rob Another Female in Rockford

Recently suspects have been going up and beating and robbing women in the Rockford area.  Several of these incidents have happened. And RPD has yet to release information on most of them.

Suspects come up behind and hit the female victim, then start beating on her, then rob the victim.

The most recent attack/robbery happened today. A woman was walking her dog near the Mobil gas station, just south of Auburn and Main.

2 male suspects came up and viciously beat her.  Then robbed her. They stole her backpack. She had to go to the hospital to be treated.

We have asked for RPD to release information on this incident, at the time of writing this, RPD has not released any information at all on this incident, or most of them.




Rockford Scanner™: Another Armed Robbery in Rockford, Robbery Spree?

From the RPD:

Suspects on a robbery spree tonight?

Sources are reporting yet another armed robbery in Rockford.

This one happened in the 500 block of Cherry.

2 male suspects brutally beat the female victim and robbed her.

She needed medical attention.

2 suspects: 1 black male, white shirt and black pants and a backpack  and 1 white male, grey shirt and black pants. Armed with a gun.

Last seen southbound.


Rockford Scanner™: Robbery In Rockford, Suspect Gets Away


Sources are reporting an armed robbery in Rockford. 

It happened on Phelps ave in Rockford.

We were told it was to a citizen, but  the address at 2819 Phelps ave is a business. So it is unclear if it was to a citizen or to the business.

Suspect is a black male, 25 years old, 6’3, wearing a hoody and fled in a Suburban.

Suspect is currently loose on the streets of Rockford.

Rockford Police have not released any information or confirmed this


Rockford Scanner™: 4 Suspects Beat & Rob A Victim in Rockford

Sources are reporting a violent scene in Rockford.

A victim was beaten by 4 black male suspects near Charles and Peter ave in Rockford. The suspects then robbed the victim then fled the scene.

At least was armed with a gun, possibly all 4 of them

Suspects got away and are currently on the loose in the streets of Rockford.

ROD has yet to release any information on this



Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Rob & Brutally Beat A Victim in Rockford


Sources are reporting a robbery in Rockford. 

The victim was on the West side of Rockford when the suspects brutally beat and robbed the victim.

The victim then went over to the Circle K at E State and Jefferson to contact emergency personnel.

We have been told the injuries appeared to be serious but non life threatening.

RPD has yet to confirm this or release any information.



Rockford Scanner™: Armed Robbery/Home Invasion In Rockford


Sources are reporting an Armed Robbery/Home Invasion in Rockford.

It happened around 11:30 am this morning in the 200 block of Soper. 

Suspects are described as 2 black males, armed with 9 mm handguns. 

Last seen on foot from the scene. 

We have been told there were injuries, but police have yet to confirm this or even release any information on the incident. 

Update: RPD confirmed the robbery and injuries