Rockford Scanner™: Motorcycle Accident With Injuries, And Several Other Accidents

Sources are reporting several accidents:

  • A motorcycle accident with injuries near Guilford and Mulford
  • Pedestrian hit by a vehicle near the 8800 block of E Riverside (Sounds like a very serious accident)
  • Jefferson and 1st
  • 173 and 251



Rockford Scanner™: Rockford Police Use Beanbag & K-9 To Subdue A Suspect


OFFICERS THREATENED: Charges are pending against a Rockford woman who threatened to harm herself and officers with a knife. The woman refused to comply with officers’ demands to drop her weapon, and less-lethal use of force alternatives were utilized to take her into custody.


Rockford Scanner™: Hit & Run To RS Fan Vehicle

Matt M.  sent us the following:
“We had a hit and run to the pictured red Ford Freestyle while it was parked in front of our house early Sunday morning.  We live near Guilford and Chelsea just for reference.  Pictured parts from the offending vehicle were left behind and currently in our possession.  Part numbers in the plastics lead me to it being a 2006 Jeep Commander.  Seeking a license number from anyone that spots a silver Jeep Commander missing its driver side front wheel arch cladding and other possible driver side damage to it.  The police were called and they came out pretty quickly but we know where that’s likely to get us.  I included an internet screen capture and circled what should be missing for quick easy reference for anyone.



Rockford Scanner™: Another Shooting In Rockford, Numerous Shots Fired

On August 18, 2019 at 10:00am members of the Rockford Police Department responded to a report of numerous gun shots in the 700 block of Bohm Court. Upon arrival officers located numerous spent bullet casings in the street and a house struck by the gunfire. The female occupant of the home was not injured during the incident. The suspect vehicle was a smaller black car with black cloth covering the front and rear license plates. The driver/suspect was a black male with his face covered. This investigation is still ongoing. Citizens are encouraged to contact the Rockford Police Department if they have any information regarding this incident.

Sources are reporting another shooting in Rockford.

This one happened around 10 am near Bohm ct.

Numerous gunshots were fired.
We have conflicting reports on injuries. So it is unclear if there is a victim. There is property damage. Police have yet to confirm anything or release any information on the incident.


Rockford Scanner™: Burglars Were Caught On Camera in Rockford, Recognize Them?


Source sent us the following video that captured a couple of suspects burglarizing some vehicles near the area of Westin subdivision.

That is near Bell school and Guilford area. 

It happened last night.

If you recognize these suspects, call the police. 


Rockford Scanner™: Hit and Run To A Pedestrian In Rockford


RS source is reporting a hit and run to his little brother earlier tonight. 

” Around 5ish on Guilford and Westchester, my little brother was involved in a hit and run. He was crossing the street by a downed limb from the storm. And a car hit him. ”

The vehicle fled the scene.  RPD has not given any info on the suspect vehicle. If you have any info, please call the police or you can contact us anonymously and we can relay the tip to the police for you



Rockford Scanner™: Bad Accident On The East Side


Sources are reporting a bad accident on the East side. 

It happened near Mulford and Guilford.

Injuries were being reported, unknown on the severity of the injuries.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.



Rockford Scanner™: Police Chase In Rockford,Officer Possibly Injured

Nicole Irene Santana
Axel Wittig


RS Source said “The chase was after me. I was chased down at gunpoint by the car, he pulled next to me, said if I call the cops I’m fucking dead and he chased me all the way until the police got to me and he fled police. Two men were chasing me at gunpoint. Lucky to be alive. Both involved were arrested.”

Sources are reporting a police chase on the East side.

It happened around 4:30 pm today at Guilford and Mulford.

Approx. 20 police officers are on scene.
A Red SUV is reported to have fled from police and it ended near this location.

Medical was needed at the scene. We been told an officer sustained a hand injury. Police have yet to release information on this, so can only confirm a person injured. But can not confirm if it is the officer or a suspect that was injured.

Police K-9’s were searching the area.

Nicole Irene Santana
Axel Wittig


Rockford Scanner™: Pregnant Female Crashes Into A Tree, Injuries Being Reported

Sources are reporting a vehicle that crashed into a tree in Rockford.

It happened just North of the intersection of Guilford and Mulford around 8:40 am this morning.

A pregnant female has crashed into a tree.

Injuries were being reported.

Emergency personnel said icy road conditions may have played a factor. Roads are extremely icy this morning.