Rockford Scanner™: Rollover Accident, Vehicle Fully Engulfed. Person Burned

Rollover Accident With A Vehicle Fully Engulfed 


Officials have said the 32 year old man, has passed away.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday. 


It happened on the bypass, west of S Main in the Eastbound lanes of 20. 

A single vehicle rollover accident.  Injuries were being reported. 

The vehicle is fully engulfed.

The male victim approx. in his 40’s has severe burns to a large area of his body.  

Still developing. 

Photo by Carrie Smith
She also said: ” Both lanes east and west bound are shut down. Emergency vehicles are in westbound lane putting fire out. ”


Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident Closes Down A Major Road

Sources are reporting a very serious accident near Belvidere. 

It happened on 20 near Belvidere. 

Sources are reporting a very serious accident. 

Police have shut down 20 between Belvidere and Garden Prairie, going both directions. 

AVOID the area for awhile. 

Still developing

UPDATE:   Sources have told us there was a Chevy Blazer and a Kia that were involved in the accident. Extrication was needed.  One of the vehicles involved, reported crossed the yellow line, then the accident occurred. Reports of a female that has life threatening injuries. A child was also in one of the vehicles involved. Unknown if the child was injured, but the child was transported to a local hospital. Another person involved was reporting no injuries, but was transported for precautionary measures.

We have tried  to get info. from the police, but they have not released any info. on this accident.  Officers at the scene told us to call the non emergency line. We called the non emergency line, they said they can’t release info. and they would call us back. We still have yet to hear from them as of 4:10  am.  If they do respond back to us, we will update this.

But in the meantime: What we can confirm is there was a serious accident on 20, West of Garden Prairie.  Both lanes of traffic were shut down and traffic was detoured.

What we have been told via sources that is not confirmed yet, is that the injuries were believed to be life threatening and someone had to be extricated from a vehicle and a medical helicopter was used to transport at least one victim.


Rockford Scanner™: Semi Accident Near Cherry Valley

Sources are reporting a traffic incident involving a semi near Cherry Valley.   It happened near Mill rd.  

It appears a semi went off the roadway near this location, causing a traffic backup in the area for awhile. It is unknown why the semi went off the roadway.  No other information is available.

Photos by Admin Will and Julian Song


Rockford Scanner™: Suspects Viciously Beat And Rob The Victims in Rockford, One Victim May Have Been Handicapped

Sources are reporting a robbery on the East side.

This afternoon sources were reporting a robbery at Harrison and 20th. 

Suspects are 2 black females in a White 2013 Chevy Cruz 4 door. The plate comes back to an address at an apartment on Holiday drive in Rockford. 

Witnesses told us the suspects viciously beat the victims.  One of the victims appeared to be handicapped. The victims were extremely bloody according to witnesses. 

Police have yet to confirm this, or release any information. 



Rockford Scanner™: Victim beaten During A Robbery in Rockford


Sources are reporting a victim was beaten during a robbery in Rockford around 8:30 pm on the East side.

It happened in the area of 23rd ave and 15th on the East side. Reports of the suspects beating the victim during the robbery. 

No other information at this time.



Rockford Scanner™: Structure Fire With Injuries in Rockford

Sources are reporting a fire with injuries in Rockford. 

It happened around 4:40 am near 20th ave and Parmele.

Reports of a structure fire and injuries were being reported.

No other information at this time.


Most the photos are by George Bower (1 photo by RFD)




Rockford Scanner™: Sources are reporting a scene on the East side

UPDATE: Several sources said that it was a high speed chase that ended up with the vehicle crashing and rolling over into the field

Sources are reporting a scene on the East side. 

Sources said there are “At least 4 Rockford police SUV and fire truck now. not sure what’s going on”  It is currently ongoing near 20th and lookout dr just before Samuelson

It is unclear exactly what happened at this time. 

Photo by RS source


Rockford Scanner™: House Fire Shuts Down US 20, Avoid The Area


Fully Engulfed House Fire Shuts Down 20

Around 9 m tonight there is a house that is fully engulfed near US 20 and 73. 

The house is fully engulfed. Unknown on injuries.  

Police have shut down US 20 and are diverting traffic. 



Rockford Scanner™: Semi Rolls Over Near Cherry Valley


Sources are reporting a semi tractor trailer has rolled over near Cherry Valley.  It happened this morning on 20 near I-39. We were told the ramp was closed for awhile. Injuries were being reported.  We have been told the injuries were believed to be non life threatening.  Rebecca Rafferty sent us the following photos. 



Rockford Scanner™: Scene Near Lowes Distribution in Rockford


Sources are reporting a scene at the Lowes Distribution center on Springfield ave around 10:30 pm tonight. 

Sources said there was a 41 year old man wanted for murder that was a passenger in a semi with NC plates, they came up I-39 and then on US-20, then parked at the Lowes Distribution center. 

Police surrounded the area with numerous police officers.  Several officers have a perimeter in the area.  

Reports of a suspicious person to the south of Lowes, unknown if it is related. 

No other information at this time.