Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers Working A Scene Near A Local Park in Rockford, Still Developing


UPDATE:  RPD said they were at Dahlquist Park earlier today and found a body. It appears to be a suicide according to the RPD. They are not releasing anymore information on this right now, but plan on releasing a statement later on. As soon as they do, we will update this. 



Several sources are reporting a scene with a lot of police officers and a police K-9 dog.  It happened in the area of Dahlquist Park in Rockford.  Neighbors tell RS they heard gunshots in the same area last night. Also this is the same area where they unconfirmed found a missing teens vehicle. Unknown if it is related to either incident. All we can confirm right now, is numerous police officers on scene and are not letting anyone near the park. We will post updates as they become available

Rockford Scanner™: Shooting at Dixon High School

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Update – Mother of Suspected Shooter Speaks Out:  

Update – Press Conference:  Chief of Police for the Dixon Police Department,  Steve Howell  – Just after 8:06AM the Dixon Police Department received reports of an armed male subject in the Dixon High School, that was sent out by school resource officer.  Dixon Police, Lee County Sheriff, Illinois State Police, and Sterling Police Department all responded to the scene.  Several shots were fired near the west gym in the Dixon High School by the suspect where he was confronted by the school resource officer [Mark Dallas].  When confronted, the suspect then fled [out the front of the school] and ran westbound on Armoury Drive. The school resource officer continued to pursue the suspect and was shot at several times by the suspect.  The resource officer then returned fire, striking the suspect [in the arm/shoulder].  The suspect was taken into custody just west of Dixon High School and received medical attention for non-life threatening injuries.  The resource officer was placed on administrative leave per policy.  Dixon High School and all surrounding Dixon schools were placed on lockdown.  Dixon High School remains the only school still under lockdown.


Update:  It is being reported that the suspect is a 19-year old former Dixon High School student.  He was confronted by the school resource officer, Mark Dallas, when the suspect pulled out a gun and fired at him.  Dallas then returned fire hitting the suspect in the arm/shoulder.  It appears the incident occurred in/near the gym where graduation practice might have been occurring.

Original Story:  Around 8 am this morning, an armed male was confronted by Dixon police officers at the Dixon High School.  It is unclear whether the male suspect was a student or not at the high school.  It is also not known at this time whether this shooting occurred inside or outside the school, it did occur on school property though.  It has been reported that the suspected initially fired at the police and the police then returned fire. Some reports are saying multiple shots were fired, but that can not be confirmed at this time.  The suspect was injured, but the injuries are non-life threatening and he is now in custody.  No other staff or students were injured.  There are some reports that the school safety officer might have been involved, but it is unclear at this time to what extent.  Dixon police say the suspected acted alone and there is no further threat to the public.

Students at Dixon High School were evacuated to Paige Park where parents can pick them up with a photo ID.  All other Dixon schools remain under lockdown while the incident at the high school is investigated.  Peoria Avenue also remains closed at this time and until further notice as the investigation continues.

This is still developing, so please check back for more updates!

Rockford Scanner™: Serious Accident in Rockford, Multiple Injuries And Extrication. Avoid The Area



Just before 2 am this morning several emergency personnel were responding to a serious accident in Rockford. 

It happened in the 1100 block of 11th st on Rockford’s East side. 

Extrication was being requested, to help cut someone out of a vehicle that is trapped. 

Multiple injuries are being reported. Two ambulances and the extrication team have been dispatched. 

Still developing

UPDATE: Three ambulances. Extrication was complete at 2:33 am

Note: Unknown if it is related, but there are reports of a couple gunshots in the same area, then the crash happened. Then they heard a vehicle speed away from the accident scene. RPD is encrypted, so we can not confirm this. 

Unconfirmed: But via our scene photos and what RS admin Will saw at the scene, it appears this might be the same vehicle ~

RS fan Alicia C. asked if we could post about her stolen vehicle on RS, so the public could help search for it. She had her vehicle stolen earlier tonight near Broadway and 25th. And it appears it might be the same vehicle, but not confirmed. RPD has yet to release information

Photos by Amy M Holt


Rockford Scanner™: RS Fan Has Her Vehicle Stolen In Rockford

Rockford Scanner


STOLEN: RS fan has their vehicle stolen near Broadway and 25th. 

If you see it, call the police



RS fan Alicia Covarrubias

“Got my car stolen tonight if anyone sees a 2003 Mazda Tribute with a saint Rita’s emblem on back back window. Please call cops for me. Please I would really really appreciate it please .”


Rockford Scanner™: Ssgt. James Penniston is returning back to Rockford

alien, paranormal, mufon, ufo, unknown, ghost,





Ssgt. James Penniston is returning back to Rockford! 

He is the famous for the Rendlesham Forest incident   

More info at


He is a Retired US AIR FORCE SECURITY that inspected and touched a UFO that landed near Rendlesham Forest.


He will be speaking live:  Saturday July 28th, 2018 at the ROCKFORD, IL MUFON CHAPTER meeting!


Location: CHERRY VALLEY, IL LIBRARY community room located at 755 E STATE ST from 10:am until 1:pm.


JIM PENNISTON & GARY OSBORN will be speaking live and in person Saturday July 28th, 2018 at the ROCKFORD, IL MUFON CHAPTER meeting!


JIM is the US AIR FORCE SECURITY supervisor that inspected and touched a landed UFO. He had an amazing experience transpire plus there were many military witnesses!


We are meeting at the CHERRY VALLEY, IL LIBRARY community room located at 755 E STATE ST from 10am until 1pm.

Seating is limited!

Tickets are $10 in advance by USPS money order or check payable to RICK L PETERS, PO BOX 5384, ROCKFORD, IL 61125.

$15 (cash only) at the door on the day of the speech.

Contact RICK at (815) 904-0909 or with any questions.

Please share everywhere.

Open to all !!!

Contact RICK at (815) 904-0909 or with any questions.


Do not miss this amazing event! 

alien, paranormal, mufon, ufo, unknown, ghost,
Rockford MUFON


Rockford Scanner™: Police Standoff Leads To A Foot Chase, Police Tackle Suspect And Arrest Them



Around 11 pm tonight officers had a house surrounded on Latham in Rockford. 

Sources report that a person was allegedly wanted by police. 

Police were trying to negotiate with a subject inside the residence. 

A subject took off on foot from the police, several officers were in hot pursuit of the alleged suspect and they were able to easily tackle and subdue to the alleged wanted suspect.  

It is not yet known what the suspect was wanted for. But there is one person that police did take into custody. 

RS fan Matt was able to catch it on video at CLICK HERE




Rockford Scanner™: High Speed Police Chase Ends In An Accident in Rockford

Several sources are reporting there was a high speed chase in Rockford.

Details are minimal due to the encryption.

Sources are reporting a vehicle fled from police,  police chased the vehicle and then vehicle the crashed near Buckbee st

It happened around 10:30 pm.   A short time later medical was dispatched to that same area, but did not say why over the air. 

We will post updates as they become available

Video by Jessica Macias

Rockford Scanner™: Four Arrested After A Felony Traffic Stop


RPD say 4 people were arrested after a neighbor called them in reference to a man with a gun near 10th ave.

Police spotted the alleged suspects and did a felony traffic stop on the alleged vehicle. 

RPD arrested 18 year old Baranor Douthard &  19 year old Brian Price & two teens ,  after police conducted a felony traffic stop on the vehicle on 11th st just North of Broadway.

While police searched the vehicle, they allegedly found a shotgun inside the vehicle and arrested the four occupants.



Rockford Scanner™: Family Seeking The Public To Help Locate A Missing Teen



Liam Burdick, 18, of Rockford IL, passed away Monday, May 14th. He was born in Mauston, WI on February 18th, 2000. Liam attended Harlem High School and in his spare time, he loved to snuggle his dogs Nico and Alyce. He also loved to sing, draw and write poetry. Liam was an active member of his community, participating and leading several groups, activities and was a powerful advocate for equality.

Liam is survived by his mother Phyllis Gallisath, father Jason Gallisath, sister Taiah Gallisath, brother Ryker Gallisath, his birth father Herbert Lee Burdick III and their family, his loving partner Celeste Rub, his grandparents, Vicki Legge, Linda and Mike Parent, Don and Karen Gallisath and Dorothy Bunjes, an overwhelming amount of extended family both blood and bond alike, PFLAG Rockford, DiversCity Youth Group, The Illinois Safe Schools Alliance Youth Committee, Action Camp folks, his TEACH family at Harlem High School, and all of the lives he touched during his short time here.

His wonderful spirit, joy, and talents will be celebrated Monday, May 21st at one of his favorite places, Rock Cut State Park, Loves Park IL in the West Lake Shelter at 3 pm with a gathering for a fellowship to immediately follow at St. Mark’s Lutheran Church, Rockford IL.

“I have felt my mother’s warmth. I have given my soul to other souls. I have loved and been loved more than I can recall. I have been accepted. I have been cherished and celebrated. I have lived. I will always live.” – Liam Burdick


UPDATE: Hello, I am Liam’s uncle. I am sorry to inform you that his body was found this morning.

The family would like to express its deepest gratitude for the assistance with the search.

We ask that you please give us privacy and time as we mourn his loss.

Thank you, much love. Travis




****Unconfirmed UPDATE****
Liam’s car has been found at Dahlquist Park. He was not in it and is still missing.

Liam was last seen at Mcdonald’s on E State  (4600 block of E State St)  last night at 11:pm


RS fan Phyllis Legge Gallisath:  Liam my 18 year old son, has been missing since 3:pm Monday, May 14th. He was last seen in a 98’ Silver, Chevy Blazer. The driver side door is held together with a bungee cord, license plate AG4 6603. I am hoping he is still in the Rockford area but really unsure…. If you have any leads, please contact me or the police right away.

Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Responding To An Accident With Injuries



Around 5:30 pm tonight several emergency personnel were dispatched for an auto accident with injuries.

It happened in the area of Alpine and Charles st. 

Reports of an auto accident near this intersection. 

Injuries are being reported. Please avoid the area or expect delays. 

Rockford Scanner™: Updated Weather Page!

Rockford Scanner

Good Afternoon Everyone!

As I am sure many of you have noticed, the website has been updated a little bit.  With that, we completely overhauled the “Rockford Scanner Weather Page” and we wanted to give just a brief overview of what is new!

The new weather page will feature this live weather display (pictured below) at the top of the page, giving you the current sky and weather conditions, temperature, winds and more.  In the bottom right corner of the graphic, it says forecast.  If you click it, it will give you the forecast for the day before, today, and also for the future.



If you scroll a little farther down on the page, the next section is the “Weather Story” from the NWS in Chicago (pictured below).  The NWS in Chicago updates this periodically throughout the day with the newest forecast, outlook, or advisory they might have for across their County Warning Area (CWA).  Since the Rockford area falls under their CWA, that is why we are featuring it on our page.  Within the weather story, there can sometimes be more than one tab you can click on.  In the example below, for instance, there is a tab for “Drier weather on the horizon” and “Any wind damage? We Need Your Help With Reports” which you can click on both to see.


Below the weather story, we have added an interactive current radar mosaic that allows you to zoom in/out and look at weather all across the country! The radar image updates every 5 minutes.  It may take a second to load the image or radar data, but just be patient, it will load!  In the near future, we may add local storm reports, storm tracks, and lightning to this map or add a separate map with this information.


Last but not least, we have a map with the current NWS Advisories, Watches, and Warnings.  This map is also interactive, which means you can zoom in/out or look at the advisories all across the Country.  In the upper left corner of the map, there are two arrows that you can click to get the legend for any and all advisories, watches, and warnings as well.  Same with the current radar image, it may take a few seconds to load, so please be patient!


Come the winter months, we hope to also add an interactive map with the Winter Road Conditions.  So look forward to that future update as well!  We hope you enjoy the new weather page and any helpful comments or suggestions are welcome!


Rockford Scanner™: Accident With Injuries Involving A Semi Tractor Trailer


Earlier today several emergency personnel were responding to a serious accident that involved a semi. 

It happened on I-90, between Riverside and State st. 

Injuries were reported, unknown on the severity of the injuries. 

Traffic was backed up for awhile, due to the accident. 

The cause of the accident is under investigation

Rockford Scanner™: Emergency Personnel Battle A Fully Engulfed Car Fire


Around 8:30 pm tonight several emergecny personnel were dispatched for a fully engulfed vehicle. 

It happened in the area of W State and Meridian. 

All the occupants inside, were able to safely escape without injury. 

The cause of the fire is under investigation



Rockford Scanner™: Several Officers Working A Scene, Possible Dangerous Situation. Avoid The Area



UPDATE: RPD call log 


UPDATE: RS fans Jill, said someone was breaking into vehicles at Happy Wok, and police were searching the area for the suspects. 


Several sources are reporting a scene near N Main

Several police officers are working a scene behind the area of N Main by the Whiskey Bar and Skateco area. 

Reports of a police perimeter and a police K-9 searching for someone. 

Unknown what happened at this time, We can not confirm this due to the police encryption and the police have yet to release information. 

Sources are reporting the police perimeter is from the Rock River along the train tracks, to N Main 

If information becomes available, we will post updates 

Rockford Scanner™: Man Robs A Local VFW At Gunpoint



BPD: We are investigating an armed robbery that occurred shortly after noon today (Monday) at the VFW on Afton Road. The suspect entered the bar area, pointed a handgun at several occupants inside, and took cash from the bar. No injuries were reported.

The suspect is described as a black male who was wearing dark clothes and left the area in a blue van.

The suspect is considered armed and dangerous. We are asking the community’s help in identifying this individual. Anyone with information can contact the Dispatch Center at 608-757-2244


Rockford Scanner™: Do You Know How and What to Report For Severe Weather?

Rockford Scanner

The National Weather Service in Chicago shared a great graphic explaining what to look for  and how to report Severe Weather.  We have shared it below!  We highly suggest submitting severe weather reports, but remember, SAFETY FIRST!



Rockford Scanner™: Severe Thunderstorm Watch Until 10 pm!

Rockford Scanner

A Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been issued until 10 pm for the counties listed below:


ADAMS                BOND                BOONE
BROWN                BUREAU              CALHOUN
CASS                 CHAMPAIGN           CHRISTIAN
CLINTON              COOK                DE KALB
DE WITT              DUPAGE              FAYETTE
FORD                 FULTON              GREENE
GRUNDY               HANCOCK             HENDERSON
HENRY                IROQUOIS            JERSEY
KANE                 KANKAKEE            KENDALL
KNOX                 LAKE                LA SALLE
LEE                  LIVINGSTON          LOGAN
MACON                MACOUPIN            MADISON
MARSHALL             MASON               MCDONOUGH
MCHENRY              MCLEAN              MENARD
MERCER               MONROE              MONTGOMERY
MORGAN               MOULTRIE            OGLE
PEORIA               PIATT               PIKE
PUTNAM               ROCK ISLAND         SANGAMON
SCHUYLER             SCOTT               SHELBY
ST. CLAIR            STARK               TAZEWELL
WARREN               WHITESIDE           WILL

Scattered Hail up to Lime size and Scattered Wind Gusts up to 70 mph is possible!



Rockford Scanner™: Police Investigating An Escaped Prisoner From the Winnebago County Jail

Rockford Scanner




Details are minimal due to the encryption. 

Police are investigating a prisoner escape from the Winnebago County Jail. 

This could be as simple as someone not showing up for work release, or it could be a prisoner escaped from the jail. 

Unknown because the police are encrypted and have yet to release information



Rockford Scanner™: Severe Thunderstorm Watch Likely To Be Issued Soon

Rockford Scanner

The Storm Prediction Center issued a mesoscale discussion for parts of the region with a 95% issuance of a Severe Thunderstorm Watch just before 3 pm.  It is possible this watch will be issued just to the South of the Rockford area.  Full discussion is posted below!


Mesoscale Discussion 0413
   NWS Storm Prediction Center Norman OK
   0237 PM CDT Mon May 14 2018

   Areas affected...central/northern IL

   Concerning...Severe potential...Severe Thunderstorm Watch likely 

   Valid 141937Z - 142030Z

   Probability of Watch Issuance...95 percent

   SUMMARY...Severe thunderstorms are expected to develop across the
   discussion area the remainder of this afternoon with a risk for
   large hail and damaging winds.  A Severe Thunderstorm Watch will be
   issued prior to 20Z.

   DISCUSSION...Latest visible imagery shows deepening cumulus in the
   vicinity of  the front over central/northern IL at 1935Z, and
   modification of the special KDVN sounding for current conditions
   shows little remaining CINH.  Thunderstorms are expected to develop
   and will likely become severe over the next few hours given an
   environment characterized by moderate surface-based instability and
   40-45 kts of deep-layer wind shear. Damaging winds and large hail
   will be possible, and a Severe Thunderstorm Watch will be issued
   prior to 20Z.

Rockford Scanner™: Woman Runs Her Boyfriend Over With A Vehicle in Rockford

Around 2:15 pm today emergency personnel were responding to an accident in Rockford. 

Reports are saying a woman has ran over her boyfriend with a vehicle. He is down in the roadway. 

It happened near Eastmoreland in Rockford. 

Several units are en route. Still developing